LinkedIn Adds New Interview Preparation Tools, Including Common Questions

LinkedIn Adds New Interview Preparation Tools, Including Common Questions


Given its vast database of professional insights, LinkedIn is well-placed to become the essential tool for recruiters and HR professionals – and it’s well on the way to doing just that.

But it’s not just the recruiters themselves that LinkedIn needs to cater to. In order to become the hub of employment tools and systems, LinkedIn also needs to provide options to help candidates better their presentation skills, and connect with the best roles.

The platform’s latest update focuses on just that – adding to this capacity, LinkedIn is now rolling out a new listing of common interview questions, which will help users better prepare by giving them a chance to formulate their responses in advance.

LinkedIn interview questions

But more than that, LinkedIn has also worked with various experts to provide short video guides to each question, which will help candidates understand more about how they should address the question. Premium members will also get access to “expert-approved sample interview answers”, helping to provide extra context and understanding.

And on top of this, LinkedIn is also adding a new option which will let users practice their responses via video, then watch their answers back, and/or share with others privately for extra feedback.

LinkedIn interview prep video

“As you prepare for an interview, remember that practice makes perfect. That’s why more than half (52%) of successful job seekers in the U.S. spend time creating answers to tough questions they expect ahead of the interview. As part of our new interview preparation tools, we’ve included an easy way for you to privately practice answering interview questions, self-evaluate, and improve by reviewing your recorded answers at your convenience.”

The tools will definitely help candidates prepare for interview questions – and combined with LinkedIn’s advancing data matching tools to help connect members with the right roles for them, they add another element in LinkedIn’s evolving suite of functions, which, as noted, are helping to make the platform the essential tool both for HR professionals and job seekers.

Again, given LinkedIn has the largest professional dataset in history, this is where the platform should be headed. Advances of this type are likely only the beginning in the platform’s ongoing system development.  

LinkedIn’s new interview preparation tools are being rolled out from today, while the option to share video responses with other members is coming “later this summer” in the US.




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