Facebook Adds 22 New, Free Training Modules to Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Adds 22 New, Free Training Modules to Facebook Blueprint


Coinciding with it’s latest ‘Facebook Boost’ event in Chicago, The Social Network has announced the addition of twenty-two new digital marketing training courses as part of its free Facebook Blueprint education platform.

Facebook Blueprint example

As explained by Facebook:

We’re focused on making digital skills training accessible for small businesses. That’s why we’ve created 22 new, free courses on topics like ‘How Instagram Can Help Your Business’ and ‘Facebook Ads and Your Business Goals.’ The new curriculum features 40% video content and 80 new lessons, each condensed to five minutes or less to maximize efficiency.” 

Facebook first launched its ‘Blueprint’ eLearning resource for marketing best practices back in 2015, and it’s continued to add new course modules and revisions since, in order to ensure the lessons provided adhere to the latest best practices, and provide valuable insight.

Last September, Facebook added three revised Instagram marketing courses, including lessons on Stories, brand profile optimization and how to get the most out of the various Instagram ad objectives.

Instagram Stories course on Facebook Blueprint

This new update, as noted by Facebook, will include additional Instagram insight, which will no doubt be of interest to the many marketers looking to build their presence on the rising platform.

Even if you’re confident in your digital marketing knowledge, the Blueprint courses are worth a look. This new launch will take Blueprint close to 100 courses in total, covering a wide range of elements, and providing insights and notes which you may not have been aware of (or may have forgotten). 

In addition, Blueprint also offers official, Facebook ads certification courses to help prove your skills and expertize.

The new Blueprint courses will be available at facebook.com/blueprint at the end of the month. Facebook says the new courses will initially only be available in English, but it’s looking to add support for more than 30 additional languages by the end of the year.




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