Monetize better by changing your regular WordPress theme to CTR Theme Plus

Monetize better by changing your regular WordPress theme to CTR Theme Plus


Adsense is one of the great ways to build an income generating website in your budget. You can monetize your WordPress website by displaying ads on it.


A powerful Adsense monetization is not possible until you have a high-converting theme. And by that I mean you need to have a WordPress theme with a lot of features that’ll help you generate enough income using Adsense.

Whether it’s a viral blog, a magazine, or a niche specific website, a well-designed WordPress theme is a must.

Monetize better by changing your regular WordPress theme to CTR Theme

What’s missing in your regular or free theme?

Let’s take a look at some quick pointers so as to what your current theme might be missing.

User-friendly design

Have you ever landed on a website and lot of ads, pop-ups start opening from nowhere? And what if I tell you this is what your website does?

More ad-widgets help in boosting income by generating more clicks. However, it hurts the user experience and reduces their chances of coming back.

This is where a premium WordPress theme like CTRPlus helps out. These WordPress templates are designed for providing spacious WordPress widgets and banners that don’t interfere with the content part.

Google ranking optimization

Not all themes are SEO optimized. WordPress theme with SEO-ready templates helps to boost your online presence and overall ranking.


If your website doesn’t open-up in 2 seconds, your visitors might move to another quicker web page. If you want to add more features to your theme, you might think of adding Adsense extensions for better monetization, but again too many plugins can reduce your page load speed.

CTR Theme Plus is embedded with valid coding for faster and smooth surfing. It provides additional on-page-monetization features without using any additional plugin.

How CTR theme plus helps make a difference?


Once you have made a WordPress website for Adsense monetization, all you need to do is to select the right WordPress theme. CTR theme actually provides everything required for high click-through rate.

CTR Theme Plus includes eye-catchy templates with a well-designed structure to help you post boring content in an engaging way. It uses the empty spaces on your page and does proper ad placement without hindering user-experience.

It is mobile-friendly which ensures that you don’t miss any Adsense-money.

Being highly-compatible to all website-types, you can easily make a niche specific website that generates income.

Made with Google recommendations

If you search on the web, Google has a list of recommendations to be followed by Adsense websites. But you should not necessarily read them; CTRtheme makers already did! CTRPlus includes ads at the right places while following what Google says.

There is also a feature called Ad randomization, which is usually missing in regular themes. It automatically changes the Ad position to make sure your visitor don’t overlook it.

Easier Adsense addition

One of the biggest issues using an AdSense website is to embed different codes for ad banners or adding plugins for more dynamic functionality. While the former is exhausting, latter makes the website slower.

And this is where the Clean, feature-full Admin panel helps. You can easily place an AdSense code via the administration panel in CTR Theme Plus.

Better speed and optimized performance

As stated already in the quick-notes, not all WordPress themes are fast. This is because of missing valid codes. Regular, unoptimised themes not only hurt your Google ranking but also increase the page loading time.

CTR Theme is optimized to perform better on Google pages and load faster in comparison to other themes.

Smart-Design with web designing principle F-pattern

You might have heard about how a visitor read a post. It scans the page from top to bottom and left to right, but this is not how it works online.

User read a page in a much different way than you know.

One thing every professional web designer keeps in mind when making a website is F-pattern.

He knows that a reader scrolls the page and look for the interesting headings on the left side and then stops at any random line and starts reading, and after a while, again goes down with the page. This makes an F or E pattern on the page. It is one of the many visual hierarchy principles used in designing principle. It helps with both UI and High-CTR.

Premium Extras in CTR Theme Plus

There is a smart Ad hiding feature to help you block it for a specific audience, i.e. those looking to buy your product or service.

Social media integration is generally missing in WordPress themes and you would probably need to add more extensions to get a social bar. However, CTR offers an extensive range of Social media platforms. Additionally, you can choose a specific layout from different design range, based on your niche.

Get CTR now

Being AMP-ready, you can easily add AMP pages to your website. And with all this, there is a dedicated support team (faster than regular staff, community help or support forums), just in case, you get stuck. Cross-browser compatibility is present with latest WordPress upgrades.

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