Practical Ways To Improve Usability On Your WordPress Site

Practical Ways To Improve Usability On Your WordPress Site


Every site owner aims at creating content that will boost traffic and increase SEO ranking. However, you may find yourself still struggling to attain your conversion target. One of the factors that cause low conversion rates is website usability.

Usability is crucial for every website. Basically, it’s all about making it easy for users to interact with your site. Website usability also plays an important role in attracting visitors to your site.

Do you run a WordPress website and would love to improve website usability? We have come up with some WordPress usability guidelines you can consider trying.

Make Your Website Responsive

With advancement in technology, most people use mobile devices to browse the internet. As a result, you should make your site responsive to all devices.

Responsive Website

Otherwise, visitors will not be able to view your content on small screens. This will affect your WordPress user usability and cause a sharp decline.

We recommend that you initially try to view your site on small devices to test the responsiveness. If you detect a problem, make it responsive as soon as you can.

This will adjust the screen size of your users. Moreover, it offers an optimal view of your site on their devices and boosts the website usability.

Enhance Navigation

As a site owner, you should know that the site is created solely for users. Thus, you should make your changes with the users in mind.

For instance, there is no need for creating a complex site which users can’t navigate. Focus on a plan that presents your web content in a way that it guides users to relevant pages.

You can still create an exciting website with simple and clear navigation. One may be attracted to your site but leave once they notice a navigation issue.

  • Opt for themes which allow them to navigate without any problems. There are a few tips you can consider:
  • Your logo should appear on your site’s homepage
  • Your navigation system should appear on the left. This must be below the header or at the top.
  • Aim at having consistent navigation across your site
  • To solve any other navigation problems you may have, add an HTML sitemap to your website

If you are in the service industry, display your contacts prominently. This cuts down on the time users spend looking for the information on your site.

Publish Content Regularly

You should always aim at providing content that offers user value. This includes updating your site with fresh blogs on a regular basis. Otherwise, there will be less traffic, hence a low conversion rate. This ultimately affects usability.

We recommend that you schedule content publication based on your specific needs. This will attract visitors and allow them to engage actively on your site.

Improve Website Usability by Redesigning Your Website

WordPress offers a variety of plugins and themes. You don’t need to be a professional to redesign your site by changing WordPress themes. Keep in mind that the design is the first thing visitors look at when browsing your website.

WordPress Theme

Recent studies indicate that most users will leave an unattractive site immediately. It’s of utmost importance that your site looks appealing and professional.

Before you settle on a design, take time to understand your users. This will allow you to create a design that appeals to them. Moreover, do not overlook the basic functionality of the site. Start with looking at the site navigation and content.

This helps you realize the core purpose of your site. As a result, you are able to use appropriate themes.

To make your site look more professional, consider hiring a website developer.

They will help you keep up with all the latest trends in web design. A developer will eliminate any flaws and update your site thus increasing usability.

Eliminate Broken Links

Are the links on your site directing users to non-existent web pages? Having dead or broken links create a bad impression on your users and affect usability.

Moreover, Google does not rank sites with many broken links. This also affects your SEO ranking.

Try finding out if there are any broken links on your site. You can remove the links using WordPress plugins. This will make your site user-friendly and relevant.


If your site is not secure, users will not feel safe browsing. This will affect the usability and traffic of your site. Take steps to ensure that you improve security.

One of the ways you can achieve this is by getting an SSL certificate. Making your site safe for use not only attracts visitors but also boosts traffic.

Improve Your Website’s Speed

Having a fast site will attract more visitors and boost your SEO ranking. Google ranks fast loading sites higher to allow users to visit different sites.

Improve Website Speed

If you have a slow site, it will negatively affect the usability. Users also get frustrated and leave the site immediately, which affects the conversion rate.

Popups and Contact Forms

Site owners use popups and contact forms to engage users and increase the subscriber base. However, using too many of these may negatively affect usability. Google also gives such sites a lower ranking. Thus, we recommend using a modern subscription form and fewer popups.

Adding a Clear Call to Action Button

It’s not just enough boosting traffic to your site. You also need to convert the traffic into leads. This is what increases usability for your site. It also allows your web business to grow.

To achieve this, you must add a call to action button. It should be clear and easily visible to all users. The button should direct visitors to take specific actions on your site. This includes downloading products, subscribing to newsletters or reading new blogs.

Adding a Live Chat Support

Do you offer products and services on your site? Adding a chat live support should be your next step. This ensures that your users get the necessary support when it comes to buying your products and services.

Live Chat

To achieve this, hire someone to offer client support to your visitors. They should talk to each visitor and generate a lead specifically based on their needs.

Wrapping Up

As a site owner, focus on improving your website’s usability. You just need to employ the above guidelines to offer a good browsing experience to your users.

This will improve your website usability remarkably. Moreover, it will result in more traffic, hence a higher conversion rate that will make your online business profitable.


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