RSA editing comes to Google Ads app

RSA editing comes to Google Ads app


If you wanted another sign that Google is not backing away from responsive search ads (RSAs), even though they are still in beta, here’s one: you can now create and edit RSAs in the Google Ads app for Android and iOS.

You’ll notice in the gif below that if you already have responsive search ads set up, it will pre-populate the new RSA with existing headlines and descriptions. It will also show you the Ad Strength score at the top of the screen with suggestions for improving it.

ad option. I’ve asked Google about it and will update here when I hear back.

Negative keywords management. Also available in the app is the ability to create, review, and edit negative keywords.

Why we should care. The ability to actually do things in the mobile apps from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising is still relatively limited, but both have been adding capabilities, including being able to take action on recommendations.

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