Scantily clad Marvel heroes subvert the pin-up genre

Scantily clad Marvel heroes subvert the pin-up genre


A naked Captain America reaching for his underwear

[Image: David Talaski]

Taking its name from how people would display the images, the pin-up genre has entertained people for decades. If you look closely at pieces of pin-up art though, you might notice that most of them depict glamorous women in compromising states of undress.

However these illustrations by David Talaski subvert the genre by showing buff guys snagging their kit on house plants, capes and shower doors. And just as pin-ups of yore would depict the fantasies of the time, these illustrations rely on today’s biggest fictional characters: superheroes from the Marvel universe.

So if you’ve always wanted to see Captain America or Thor in the semi-nude, these are the pin-ups for you. And if they cause your flatmates, friends or boss to clutch their pearls, you could always use the old excuse that you’re just admiring the artist’s amazing figure drawing skills.

Check out a smattering of Talaski’s work below.

This is just a selection of Talaski’s incredible illustrations. The video game illustrator and concept artist at Liquid Development has even more scantily clad superheroes for you to gaze at over in his Instagram page.

And if these illustrations have really tickled your fancy, make sure you check out Talaski’s Etsy page where you can pick up prints of his work.

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