4 Down and Dirty Secrets for Great SEO on WordPress

4 Down and Dirty Secrets for Great SEO on WordPress


So, you use WordPress for your site, but you don’t have much knowledge of SEO? Join the plight of thousands of website owners out there vying for traffic.

You have always heard WordPress is the best CMS for SEO, but you don’t have any idea how to do SEO and even if you do, you haven’t seen much of an increase in traffic. This is why a lot of people end of hiring SEO experts to give them a hand.

Well, guess what? You have come across the perfect article. You may have read hundreds of different articles and used multiple plugins for better SEO on your site, but in the end, you still may not see much of a difference.

Before diving right into the tips for great SEO on WordPress lets first make sure you understand what SEO really means. SEO is a way of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your site from search engines such Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar to such. The theory is that the faster your website appears in the search results, the more visitors your site will receive. SEO might target different types of search that include search by image local search, search by video and so on. So, the following tips you are looking for are listed down below:

1. Contents should be optimized AND awesome

Contents should be optimized AND awesome

Any type of optimization you want to use is only effective when it is combined with quality and unique content. Basically, those text contains keywords that will highlight the overall theme of the post, but the post itself must present some value.

The content should be easy to understand and read or else the traffic might not increase as much you expected it to be. Use your keywords carefully without overstuffing it. Text should be basically written primarily for your visitors, not for the search engines for your desired ranking. Once your visitors will increase they will suggest you to other users and in this way, the traffic towards your website will increase.

2. Don’t forget to exchange back-links of your website

Don’t forget to exchange back-links of your website

Don’t forget to exchange back-links with other websites that are related to your topics and those websites should be in high page ranking. Also, don’t forget to link between pages within your site, but do this carefully and only when you think it’s relevant. Just don’t link every page to each other without any reasons, this will bother your reader.

Pro-tip: When establishing back-links, work on your local SEO goals as well!

3. Always use relevant name for your images

Google also takes images into consideration while calculating the page rankings of the sites. Google displays both images and text on its search results page, and it draws relevant images that the post contains itself, which are basically linked to its original website.

Don’t forget to implement keywords of a specific subject in your image name, instead of DSC94895.jpg use Ferrari-Car.jpg if you have a picture of a Ferrari Car. And definitely, don’t forget to use the alt tag and title tag for your images on your website which also provides a better usability and optimization for your website’s search ranking.

4. It’s better to use SEO optimized themes that aren’t super slower

Some themes use a bunch of messy code to create the layout and design of a website. Google will go through the source code of your site to find the relevant content in it. The more code you have on your site, the less content and keyword density will be available. Themes that perform are really good for your Google ranking since the performance of your site is one of a key factor that determines your ranking. The slower your site is the ranking of your site is the lower the ranking will be.

Follow these tricks to get a better SEO ranking for your website. Remember it is the quality of your site, content, references, and images that draw people in, and you’ll win the race in the long haul if you put in an effort to these aspects of your digital marketing efforts.


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