Instagram’s Working on a New ‘Stop-Motion’ Tool for Stories

Instagram’s Working on a New ‘Stop-Motion’ Tool for Stories


Are you sick of reading over and over again about how you need to be creating video content, when you don’t have the skills, equipment, nor inspiration to be coming up with effective, engaging video posts?

This might help – according to reverse engineering maverick Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is developing a new ‘Stop-Motion’ camera option for Instagram Stories, which would provide another way to create interesting video updates, without having to record any actual video at all.

As you can see in this example, the new tool would assist your creation process by ghosting the frame you’re capturing with the previous, so you can ensure that your placement and movement is correct. This, ideally, is intended for a phone camera on a tripod or similar stable device, as the image would then remain exactly in-set, enabling you place the object how you want it in the next movement.

In the end, you have a cool looking little video clip – you could use it to capture your products and show every angle, or get even more creative with shots of a person, simulating movement, or action figures playing out a scene.

At present, according to Wong, the process only allows up to 10 frames, which sounds restrictive, but then again, the sample clip above is only five frames in length. You may well be able to add more, if and when it’s officially released. But even at small scale, it provides new options to consider.

And it could prove to be a great replacement for actual video content. As noted, by shooting in stop-motion, you can create video Stories without having to actually create any video. That not only opens up your creative options, but it will also make it easier for more businesses to add engaging movement to their posts. 

Instagram is yet to announce the feature, but it looks to be developing fast – and now, as you can see in the example, it even has its own icon.

Expect to see it in your Stories options soon. 




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