SMX Advanced through the lens of a young SEO professional

SMX Advanced through the lens of a young SEO professional

mpact on SEO

Programming and coding have an integral role in SEO. In fact, Googlebot updating at the same rate as Chrome indicates Google’s working towards more sophisticated rendering for JavaScript and advanced web apps. As a result, SEOs need to focus beyond HTML coding on JavaScript and its impact on SEO.

Cata Milos of Bing gave an interesting perspective on how web crawlers understand the content on web pages. Bing confirmed using HTML5 semantic elements to differentiate between the primary and secondary content on a page. This, combined with schema markup, helps algorithms to display rich results. These findings can be applied to any other search engine, hence indicating that expanding knowledge in programming will help SEOs to better communicate with developers to design and write search engine friendly code.

Final thoughts

As Google prepares to change the search landscape entirely, SEO will be crucial for brands. SEOs need to increase writing competencies for content creation and build on developer skills. On the one hand, repurposing content to answer micro-questions will help optimize for featured snippets and “people also ask” boxes. On the other hand, coding schema and understanding JavaScript will be important to signal search engine crawlers with the right information. Ultimately, this will prepare brands for long term success, including leveraging voice search.

As a young SEO professional and a frequent reader of Search Engine Land, this jam-packed two-day conference has provided me with ample knowledge, new connections and actionable takeaways that make me feel confident in my search marketing career. 

After SMX Advanced, I’m ready to gear up and build on my skills – are you?

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About The Author

PMG Digital Agency, Shahista Kassam is responsible for reviewing site architecture, content and data trends to educate the overarching SEO strategy for the agency’s largest retail clients. By leading the initiative to automate the keyword research process for both retail and tech brands like Madewell, Cole Haan and Ralph Lauren, Shahista has quickly become a critical component of the agency’s SEO team. Originally from Tanzania, Shahista specializes in search marketing and received her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia before moving to Vancouver and eventually making her way to Dallas where she now resides.

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