Snapchat’s ‘Stranger Things’ Lens Highlights Potential of Landmarkers’ Option

Snapchat’s ‘Stranger Things’ Lens Highlights Potential of Landmarkers’ Option


Back in April, at its first-ever partner summit, Snapchat announced the launch of a new Lens type called ‘Landmarkers’, which enables creators to build location-locked digital Lenses on top of global landmarks.

You may have already seen Landmarker Lenses out in the wild, but this week, Netflix is launching an interesting new campaign, in association with the Chicago Cubs, in order to promote the latest season of its hit show ‘Stranger Things’.

As you can see here, the new Stranger Things Lens puts the users’ name up on the marquee at Wrigley Field, only to have it torn up by a demogorgon, in a highly visual, engaging new promotion for the show (which returns to Netflix on July 4th). 

The campaign highlights the potential of Landmarkers for such tie-ins and promotions. In fact, used in conjunction with other Snap ad tools, like Radius Targeting, you could imagine a whole interactive campaign built around various elements of a show or business, which could lead users to a defined Landmarker point in order to view these immersive, digital experiences.

As you can see in the original launch video, there are various ways in which Snap Landmarker Lenses can be used, and when you combine the potential engagement of those animations with the popularity of Snap’s recent ‘Baby’ and ‘Gender Swap’ tools, it’s clear that there could be a lot of engagement value gleaned from such campaigns.

The latest Stranger Things Lens is a good example of such – not all brands will have the capacity to build such high quality, large scale Lens programs. But even on a smaller scale, the promotion highlights the growing potential of Snap’s evolving tools. 




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