Twitter’s Looking to Emphasize Lists with New, Swipeable Custom Feeds

Twitter’s Looking to Emphasize Lists with New, Swipeable Custom Feeds


Lists have long been seen as a key, underrated Twitter feature. Twitter lists enable users to create custom feeds based on a specific interest – you simply select the users you want on your list, name it, and away you go.

The problem is that lists are not as well-known, or well utilized on the platform, partly because they’re not easy to access quickly. But that could change with this potential update.

Customizable timelines that are easy to access? We’re thinking about ways to do this! One idea we had is for you to be able to swipe to your lists from home. If you’re in the test tell us what you think!

— Twitter (@Twitter) June 25, 2019

As you can see here, the new test enables users to easily switch between their main timeline and list timelines, complete with a title for each, with a simple left swipe. How, exactly, that works with Twitter’s recently upgraded Camera option, which is also accessible via the same swipe action, is not 100% clear, though you would assume that you’ll now have a few more list swipes to get through before reaching the Camera instead. 

It could be a good way to expand your horizons via tweet. In my case, for example, I could create a work-related listing of social media types, a book related listing, a basketball feed, and I could easily switch between them to stay up to date on each. Yes, I can already do this via the existing lists option, but having them more readily available would make it easier, and may make me more likely to switch across. Maybe.

As noted, Twitter lists have long been seen as an underrated, underused option, with many people using TweetDeck instead to easily see various listings and stay up to date. Adding more ways to help people make more use of lists, and to raise awareness of them as an option, seems like a good move – though we won’t know how useful the option might be, of course, until it’s been tested.

But it seems like a positive development.




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