Pinterest Outlines Rising Pin Trends in Latest Report [Infographic]

Pinterest Outlines Rising Pin Trends in Latest Report [Infographic]


Looking to maximize your Pin performance, and/or tap into the rising Pinterest marketplace?

While its user count may not blow you away, in comparison to Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is seeing steady growth, and is now up to 291 million active users – rising from 250 million last September

But it’s not so much about the total number of users in Pinterest’s case, but the activity of those people who are regularly logging onto the platform. Research shows that some 57% of weekly Pinners use the app in-store while shopping, while it’s also the leading social media platform in terms of product discovery.

It may not be on your social marketing radar, given the dominance of the bigger players. But the stats would suggest that it probably should be, that it’s likely worth taking the time to give the platform another look, and to consider whether your brand/products fit anywhere in the growing Pin marketplace.

Helping on this front, Pinterest has this week published its latest Pin Trends report, which looks at the key topics and products that are seeing significant increases in user attention across its network. 

Pinterest’s full report includes more information and contextual links for research, but we’ve compiled the key trends into the below infographic. If any of these trends relate to your brand, it’s definitely worth opening up the app and getting a handle on what’s happening. 

Pinterest Trends - July 2019




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