Twitter Updates Search Results with Additional Contextual Info

Twitter Updates Search Results with Additional Contextual Info


You may have noticed a change to your Twitter search results of late.

You may have noted that there’s more information there, relating to trends, mutual follows – additional context to help guide you to the results that you’re actually looking for.

This week, Twitter has officially announced this update, which is now being rolled out to all mobile platforms.

We’re raising the bar on how you search! When you search for accounts, we’ll show you a little more info, like if they have recent Tweets and how they connect to your broader network. We’re rolling this out on iOS, Android, and over the next few days.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 26, 2019

The update relates to searches for specific accounts. Though Twitter has been showing trend results and added context on all searches for some users over the last few months.

The idea, as noted, is that by showing you more information about your search, it’ll better guide you towards the results you’re after, and help you better understand whether this profile is worth following, in order to get you to tap through for more info.

Twitter Algorithm

With its algorithm tweaks – which aim to show users more content from users they don’t follow, but might be interested in – Twitter’s been working on new shifts and changes for its search tools. This,n order to better highlight relevant trends, and get people more engaged in the real-time discussion. This update is more related to each users’ specific interests, in regards to profiles, but the concept is largely the same.

It’s not a major shift.  However the additional information markers are helpful. This could better inform your usage – while it’s also worth noting that the activity from your brand account may also now appear in relevant searches, which could influence whether users tap through to see more or not.


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