The Power of User Generated Content on Instagram [Infographic]

The Power of User Generated Content on Instagram [Infographic]


If you’re looking to make best use of Instagram, you need to be creating stand out visual assets – which, as you’ve no doubt found if you’ve tried, is not always so easy.

You have to think about angles, lighting, you have to frame things correctly – and all of this is before you even consider the various on-platform filters and visual tools which can help boost your image quality. There’s a lot to keep in mind – but you know who’s likely already mastered at least some of these aspects? Your followers and the people who are already active on Instagram.

Indeed, many Instagram users will be more familiar with the various image composition tools and trends that can help them stand out on the platform – and what’s more, they may actually be already posting about your products and/or services. Which is where user-generated content – or UGC – comes in.

By using the content that’s already being created on Instagram, you can tap into a whole new stream of creative potential. You need to always seek permission before using any UGC, but as the stats in this graphic from squarelovin show, going to that little bit of effort can, potentially, reap huge rewards.

Infographic outlines a range of stats on the benefits of UGC on Instagram




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