Web designers create the most annoying UI ever

Web designers create the most annoying UI ever


User Inyerface landing page

(Image credit: User Inyerface)

Web design has come a long way over the years, but this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There are still plenty of user interface issues that bug people when they try to fill out a form or sign up to an agreement. And it’s these clunky UI headaches that get brilliantly called out in this parody site, ‘User Inyerface’.

We’ve already looked at what you should do when designing an online page with our guide to the perfect website layout. But if you’re looking something a little more fun and silly, ‘User Inyerface‘ is an entertaining alternative that demonstrates the frustrating consequences of bad UI.

Created by Belgian digital product agency Bagaar, the disgustingly designed ‘User Inyerface’ challenges visitors to complete a sign up form as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever filled in your details to get registered on a website, the questions will look familiar. However it’s never been more difficult to submit your name, contact email and date of birth.

That’s because ‘User Inyerface’ bends over backwards to make the process as irritating and tricky as possible. Data fields require you to delete content before you type in your details, reCAPTCHA tests use vague and confusing language, and an intermittent pop up with a confusing button layout will pester you at every turn.

Weirdly, once you’ve got your head around what it’s doing ‘User Inyerface’ becomes a fun exercise in frustration. Just when you think it can’t get any more difficult, it’ll pull a confusing button or age slider out of the bag. And for web designers, the site will leave them wondering if they’re guilty of any of its UI design sins.

If you power through to the end and complete the forms, you’ll be greeted by a GIF of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doing a dorky dance. There’s also a link through to the Bagaar job page, which makes us wonder if ‘User Inyerface’ is some kind of filtration process for a vacancy. (We don’t ask you to jump through hoops on Creative Bloq, just click here to find our list of design jobs.)

Either way, we managed to complete ‘User Inyerface’ in a tortuous five minutes and fifteen seconds. Can you do any better?

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