Can AI Think Ethically? [Infographic]

Can AI Think Ethically? [Infographic]


Artificial intelligence and machine learning processes are being used in more and processes which impact our daily life. From showing you more relevant ads to helping you choose the right movie to watch, such tools range from simple data matching, to increasingly complex predictions. And those varying uses can have significant implications on their utility and benefit moving forward.

The key thing to consider when looking at such matches is the data set being used to predict the final outcome. Machines are not able to ‘think’ like a person, they don’t use personal judgment. A machine will simply return the logical results based on the target input – so if that input is flawed, or skewed in any way, that will be reflected in the results.

This is important to note because existing examples have already shown that we can bias such outputs depending on the data we input. That can not only lead to excluding certain people or groups, but it may also limit your results through the same.

Highlighting this, the team from Cyber Security Degrees has published this new infographic which looks at the ethical considerations of AI. There are some key insights here, worth keeping in mind in your own process. 

Infographic looks at the importance of ethics in AI

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