Web design in Mid Wales – a new challenge

Web design in Mid Wales – a new challenge

Web design office in Talgarth

When our Mid Wales team faces a new challenge we usually have to apply a mixture of skills . Skills developed elsewhere and the coordinate the project. Our latest completed project however was a little more complex. We have built several projects where a membership portal is needed. The difference has been that we have built the membership portal too. So for once web design in Mid Wales met a very different challenge.

This time however the challenge has been collaboration. The client Betsteamers have developed a betting bot that works on calculating the odds of a bet and continues to do so as the day passes. The betting is placed on horses at the races. Membership is advised only for those that are familiar with horse racing. It may seem straightforward but the membership portal is built on the same platform (WordPress) but structured differently outside of the core. Aside from getting the folk on the other side to clear their cache every now and then. It all worked out OK.

There isn’t much demand for horse racing web design in Mid Wales. It appears that the demand will be found closer to Cheltenham and Ascot.We however found ourselves working with the folk from Cloudbetbot, based even further north in Lancashire. Challenges were ensuring that the APIs worked so that the membership portal could call back the membership subscriptions. We did get it done in the end.

So the folk at Brayve have been doing something different from their usual web design in Mid Wales projects, The folk managing the web design in Brecon now are moving back onto more local stuff stuff such as Donna Druce’s DD Fitness and Jan Woodward’s Rhinestone cowgirls. So watch this space.

New Mid Wales Web design Office

Brayve will also be moving into our very own Mid Wales Web design offices at the the Talgarth Office Park. From September the team responsible for web design in Brecon and Mid Wales will however be starting off with the business first major Pro Bono project of the new financial year. Street Speak – The not for profit started by Joanna Bevan.

So whether you are a local welsh business looking for web development, strategy, digital marketing or an excellent presence of Social Media. We are here to hep you. Our phone number remains the same, so feel free to contact us.



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