Can’t wait for Prime Day? Save $175 on an iPad Pro right now!

Can’t wait for Prime Day? Save $175 on an iPad Pro right now!


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(Image credit: Walmart)

There’s just three days to go until Amazon Prime 2019 kicks off and we no doubt see some of the best Prime Day deals surface. But if you can’t wait that long to grab a great deal, Walmart is getting the party started early with this incredible 2017 iPad Pro offer. Priced at just $474, this is currently the cheapest price you’ll find this 10.5-inch iPad Pro model – saving a whopping $175 on the retail price. 

Since it was first introduced back in 2015, the iPad Pro has since become a highly sought-after tool for designers. Featuring power similar to that of a laptop and support for the brilliant Apple Pencil, this quality device provides the perfect great balance of power and portability for busy creatives on the go. 

When it comes to Apple devices, it’s really tricky to find discounted items. But the good news about Apple’s constant innovation is it makes finding great deals on its older models a little easier. So if you’re not bothered about the latest, shiny new device, this 2017 iPad Pro is still a very competent tool – and right now it’s a bargain to boot! 

Want an iPad Pro with different specs? Our round-up of the best iPad Pro deals will have all the best offers in your area. 

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