E-commerce brands: Track spend efficiency with this Google Ads Script

E-commerce brands: Track spend efficiency with this Google Ads Script


It goes without saying that tracking ROAS is essential for e-commerce brands using Google Ads as this is how most track the profitability of their campaigns.

Although Google provides topline figures for ROAS it’s hard to see the health of your account at the keyword level and identify quick wins.

A reader recently wrote in with a smart way of doing this using stacked bar graphs to help visualize ROAS performance of keywords across the account week on week.

However, they were still doing this manually in Excel.

So the developers at my employer designed this Google Ads script to automate this process and create a visual representation showing the keyword level performance.

How the script works

The script pulls all of the keywords within your account and their respective ROAS.

It then takes this data and turns it into two charts that allow you first to visualize what percentage of keywords have a specific ROAS and secondly compare week on week to see if your ROAS has improved across your account.

Within the controls of the script, you define your ROAS buckets. The first graph will then show you the number of keywords within that bucket, like below.


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