How to Deal With a Toxic Work Environment, According to Science [Infographic]

How to Deal With a Toxic Work Environment, According to Science [Infographic]


A toxic work environment can impact your physical health, mental health, and overall level of happiness at work. As a result, it can compromise the quality of work you produce — which can negatively impact both your team, and your career.

Negativity in the workplace can manifest in a variety of forms — including bullying, mismanagement, aggressiveness, and distrust among team members. If it makes you dread going to work each day, it’s an issue that needs to be solved.

However, if you’re suffering in a toxic workplace, it’s not your responsibility to fix it. The causes are typically partly systemic, and partly cultural — alternatively, perhaps it’s the behaviors of your colleagues or boss that leads to such negativity.

Therefore, to deal with it, you need to work on protecting yourself. Self-care, personal development, and certain choices around the workplace can help you form a protective barrier against the onslaught of negativity, while preparing yourself to find a better job. Being positive and supportive to colleagues who are similarly affected by this toxicity can help create a sense of collective resilience.

Luckily, the people at have figured out some precise steps you can take to make these things happen — and they’ve created a new visual guide to cope with a toxic work environment. Have a look through it, and start protecting yourself against negativity today.

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