8 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Business [Infographic]

8 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Business [Infographic]


If you’re looking for new opportunities to help broaden your business presence, and connect with a wider pool of potential customers, Pinterest may well be worth additional consideration.

Pinterest, which now pitches itself as a “catalog of ideas”, as opposed to a social network, has been gradually evolving its business tools and ad options – and at 250 million users, the platform also continues to expand. It’s not growing at the rate of, say, Instagram, you’re not likely to see Pinterest getting the same attention as Facebook and Co. But in some ways, that works to Pinterest’s advantage, enabling it to maintain a more specific product focus, as opposed to also facilitating personal connectivity.

In fact, according to research, Pinterest is actually better than other social platforms at driving purchase intent, with up to 90% of weekly Pinners using the platform to make purchase decisions​, and 78% of Pinners saying that they welcome content from brands on the platform.

The stats are worth considering – and if you are looking to add Pinterest into your digital marketing mix, this infographic from the team at Fundera will help. 

Infographic outlines how to use Pinterest for business

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