New Tool Provides Email Alerts Whenever Your Competitors Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

New Tool Provides Email Alerts Whenever Your Competitors Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign


The rise of social media and digital marketing platforms has given marketers more options than ever to not only reach their own audience, but also to track what their competitors are doing, and the processes and methods they’re employing to maximize their reach. 

This is a key benefit of digital marketing – if you’re not monitoring what your competitors are doing, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

And this new tool from the team at PixelMe could be particularly helpful in this respect.

Utilizing Facebook’s Ad Library, which was rolled out to all Pages earlier this year, PixelMe’s new ‘AdInboxMe’ tool will send you an alert whenever your competitor/s launch a new Facebook ad campaign, helping you to stay up to date with the offers and processes they’re using.

PixelMe's 'AdInboxMe' tool

The tool itself is very straight-forward – first, you add in the URL of the Facebook Page you want to track, which the tool will then search for:

Facebook ad tracker tool

As you can see, from here, you can connect to the Facebook Ad Library listing for that Page, enabling you to check out all of their previous ads.

Tap on ‘Alert Me’ and you can enter an e-mail address to get alerts sent to, which will be prompted by any new addition to the Page’s Ad Library listing.

Facebook ad tracker

And that’s it – a simple, easy way to ensure you stay on top of what promotions your competitors are running on The Social Network. It’s a basic process, but it may prove particularly valuable, saving you time in having to check back in on each Page’s Facebook Ad Library listing to keep up with any new campaigns.

Thanks to Jeff Higgins and Matt Navarra for sharing the tool. 




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