Instagram Publishes New Report on Key Food and Drink Content Trends in the UK

Instagram Publishes New Report on Key Food and Drink Content Trends in the UK


Food is a key topic of focus on Instagram – in fact, in the UK at least, food and drink is the most popular topic category on the platform, with some 39% of British Insta users identifying themselves and fans of food and/or drink related content. 

That also makes it a key opportunity for marketers in this area, and with a billion users and rising, you can bet that more food businesses are looking to tap into Instagram to help promote their offerings, and expand their presence.

To help with this, Instagram recently commissioned Accenture to survey 1,666 people in the UK, aged 18 and over, in order to get more insight into their food and drink content preferences. 

Instagram has published the results in a new, 16-page report, which you can download here. Here are some of the key highlights from the data.

First off, Instagram shares a range of key usage stats in the report, including overall figures on the app’s rising audience.

Instagram food report example

More specifically, Instagram also shares notes on how UK consumers engage with food and drink related content, and what they expect from brands.

Instagram food and drink report example

These smaller stat points are sprinkled throughout the report, helping to provide additional insight, while the main report itself looks at the over-arching trends which are guiding food and drink content consumers.

The key trends of note, as identified by the responses, are as follows:

Instagram food and drink report example

For each of these larger trend shifts, Instagram provides a more specific breakdown of what it means for business, and how marketers can align their messaging with them.

Instagram food and drink report example

Obviously, the value of such insights is relative, but if you’re working in the food sector, the data provided may well prove hugely valuable, with a range of in-depth pointers. And while the results are UK-specific, you can imagine that a lot of these trends would see cross-over in other markets, providing additional elements to consider in your planning. 

Basically, if you’re a food/drink brand looking to maximize your use of Instagram, you need to check out this report – there’s a range of insights worth taking in.

You can download the full ‘Connected Consumption UK’ report here.




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