How YouTube can help your non-video campaigns in Google Ads

How YouTube can help your non-video campaigns in Google Ads


I’ve worked with many clients on YouTube campaigns and understand the time and effort it takes to create an effective video ad. We work hard to create custom videos that speak to different audiences depending on where they might be in the buyer funnel or maybe beyond. Yes we use these videos to run effective and affordable video campaigns in Google Ads, but we can also use them in a lot more ad formats on Google Ads. Let’s run through other ways you can utilize your video ads beyond YouTube to squeeze out as much value from the platform as possible. 

Display network campaigns

One of the biggest benefits of running YouTube ads is the reach we get to drive awareness. Besides video campaigns, we can utilize our videos in various ways on the display network too. Here are some ways you can utilize your current video content on YouTube to enhance the display campaigns you may already be running. 

Lightbox ads

When creating a display campaign with the goal of “product and brand consideration,” you can create custom lightbox ads which are actually pretty fun to build. You can customize these lightbox ads with a variety of elements such as images, a retail feed from your merchant center, messages, call-to-action buttons, stylization and of course videos. 

support page for responsive display ads include saving time creating ads, the ability to use responsive display ads for dynamic remarketing and expanding your reach on the display network when you add video. 

Match types keep changing. There’s nothing we can do about it. While keywords are still important, there is a clear focus shift to audiences. Understanding user actions and behavior can be a great asset in understanding what your users are actually looking to do. Page visit audiences can still work. I still use them on my accounts. But to me, someone who engages with my videos or watches multiple videos on my YouTube channel is a more valuable target. In the audience manager tool in Google Ads, we can already create a variety of audiences from our video campaigns.


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