Concept crocs logo gives ‘ugly’ shoe brand a smart new look

Concept crocs logo gives ‘ugly’ shoe brand a smart new look


(Image credit: Stephen Kelleher)

Designers reimagining classic logo designs is nothing new. A brilliant way to hone your design skills, taking on an instantly recognisable logomark with a new concept design is no easy feat. But occasionally, the practise throws up some incredible gems, just like this concept Crocs logo by designer Stephen Kelleher.

His design replaces the original crocodile-in-a-circle design with a simple vector shape, representative of a crocodile’s head, which features the signature holes found in Crocs’ classic clogs. A brilliant but seemingly obvious design, it’s hard to believe no-one, including Crocs themselves, has come up with it before. The overall shape of the logo creates an immediate connection with the product line, a task much harder than it might seem and testament to Kelleher’s design skills.

Speaking on Instagram, Kelleher had this to say about the redesign: “Historically perceived as an ‘ugly’ shoe, Crocs have in recent years become a favourite of working artists and the fashion vanguard by reinventing their famous silhouette to speak to a new audience. This rebrand concept was inspired by the iconic silhouette as a basis for their mascot ‘Croc’, streamlining and unifying both into one simple mark.”

And if the reaction online so far is anything to go by, we’d say it won’t be long until the new design lands on the desks of Crocs HQ, with many people taking to Twitter and Instagram to call for Kelleher’s design to be made official:

Some of the best logo designs are the ones that seem obvious at first glance, but plainly took a lot of hard work to get them just right. Like this faux Crocs Redesign. 9, 2019

say what u want about crocs but the new logo is????? 9, 2019

Actually unsolicited redesigns are often better than anything a large studio will churn out. If @Crocs has any sense they will snap this up.August 9, 2019

So what do you think? Should Crocs be snappy about implementing Kelleher’s logo design? (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

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