Twitter’s Testing a New DM Search Option Among Various Other Tweaks

Twitter’s Testing a New DM Search Option Among Various Other Tweaks


If you get a heap of direct messages on Twitter, this will come as welcome news – as reported by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is currently testing out a new option which would enable users to search through their DMs.

Twitter DM search example

The functionality is not amazing at this stage – as you can see here, you would be able to search via profile name, and likely by Twitter handle. Which is better than nothing, but a lot of the time when you do want to go searching through your DMs, its because you’re looking for something that someone has sent to you, so it would be more helpful to be able to search by message content.

That doesn’t appear to be an option in this current phase of testing, though you would imagine its something that Twitter is also looking into, in order to make it a truly valuable addition.

It’s the latest in a flurry of smaller tweaks and updates that Twitter’s been working on lately, in the wake of the redesign of its desktop version

Twitter’s also now testing an option which would enable you to subscribe to a tweet discussion in order to get notified of any replies, while it’s also been refining smaller elements within its redesign – including its text sizing options, which have been a key pain point for many.

Twitter’s also still developing its ‘conversational’ features via its beta app, which have additionally seen the introduction of some new tweaks in the live version – like this:

That’s an extension of its updated follower notifications, rolled out last month, which enable you to follow back from your Notifications tab, while Twitter’s also testing a ‘snooze’ option for push notifications.

None of these updates, in itself, is a major functional shift – like, say, editing tweets would be – but it’s clear that Twitter’s exploring a range of options aimed at improving the on-platform experience, and boosting engagement. 

In isolation, the impact of each is fairly limited, but maybe, combined, they’ll help to boost Twitter’s overall usage.

Either way, it’sorth staying across the various updates to ensure you’re making best use of the platform. 




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