5 Top Tools to Help You Create Better Landing Pages

5 Top Tools to Help You Create Better Landing Pages

Getting clicks on your social media posts alone can be difficult – which why you need to also create high-converting landing pages in order to transition those interested visitors into leads. 

But that also comes with its own unique challenges. The first key step is picking the right landing page builder for your needs, which will create the experience that you want for your audience. If you fail here, all of that effort in getting that initial click will be wasted. 

To help, in this post, I’ll show you five of the best landing page building tools available. Each has different, unique selling points, despite them all being committed to, essentially, the same goal.

If you want to maximize your campaigns, it’s worth taking a look at these apps.

1. Elementor

If you want to design a landing page on your WordPress site, Elementor makes it easy to capture leads from your social media campaigns. 

An advantage you get with this tool is that you can create landing pages without leaving your WordPress dashboard. And even if you’re not totally confident in your design skills, you can create an effective landing page that will help you capture leads. 

It’s available as a plugin on WordPress. After downloading the plugin, you can use it to edit your existing pages or create new ones:

If you’re a beginner at creating landing pages, Elementor provides an impressive 300 templates that you can customize to meet your needs. However, if you like to design every element of your page, you also have the option to start from a blank canvas. 

With its drag and drop editor, you can create your page without coding. You can also customize the mobile version of your landing page to ensure that your page looks right for mobile viewers:

If you want to create a one-page website, Elementor provides the tools to achieve this, and add the necessary elements to your page. 

The basic version of Elementor is free and is suitable if you only need a few landing pages on your website. You can also opt-in for the pro version if you want more features, like being able to create and integrate forms into your pages. 

If you want to be able to create your landing pages easily, and even free of charge, this is a tool that can help you do that effectively – and also, very conveniently, directly within WordPress. 

2. Instapage

Another highly popular tool for building landing pages, Instapage provides you with over 200 templates to choose from, which you can customize for your social media campaigns. 

If you want to make advanced changes to your pages, Instapage enables you to write custom HTML, CSS, or Javascript to give your landing page a better look, and/or more functionality. You also have access to 33 million Bigstock images that you can buy to use on your landing pages. 

Considering your mobile viewers, Instapage also enables you to edit the mobile versions of your landing pages, so that you can improve your mobile conversions. You can aksi create and A/B test Google AMP-powered landing pages. 

In addition to this, you can also view the heat map of how people scroll through your page. With these insights, you can then make a more informed decision on where to place your CTA buttons in order to improve conversion. 

Another way Instapage helps your social media campaigns is that you can publish your landing page directly to Facebook. 

3. Landingi

As Landingi claims, it’s “a landing page builder for non-programmers”. This means that you can select any of their over 200 templates and use their intuitive page editor to get the results you want. 

If you already have a landing page file, you can import it into the page editor, or you can build your landing page from scratch. You can use the drag-and-drop option to easily modify your page design. If you’d like to integrate your custom HTML, CSS, or Javascript code into your landing page, you can do this too.

Landingi enables you to use its testing tools to carry out A/B tests for improvements in conversions. The tool also provides SEO insights to help you optimize your page for search engines. 

If you work with a team, Landingi provides collaboration features which enable you to invite colleagues or clients to review your page and make necessary recommendations. 

Another feature most marketers will love is that you can create an unlimited number of pages, have unlimited traffic, and capture unlimited leads, no matter what plan you subscribe to. If you carry out many campaigns that require landing pages, this will meet your needs in this regard. 

4. Lander

Lander is a landing page builder which offers high-level of control over your landing page design, which makes it a great option for those who are very particular about what they want.

Lander also offers the capacity to edit mobile landing pages for better conversions on mobile. 

This does also mean that there’s a steeper learning curve if you’re just starting out, but when you know how to get the best out of this tool, you’ll be able to use your creativity to capture more leads. You can also access an auto-fill feature on your forms, which makes it easier for page visitors to complete lead info. 

Lander also enables you to publish your landing pages to Facebook if you need that option. In addition, Lander offers dynamic text replacement, which enables you to match your PPC ad’s keywords to your PPC landing page. 

However, one aspect of this tool that can be a bit underwhelming is that it limits the number of unique views you can have on your landing pages. The basic plan has a limit of 5,000 visits monthly, while the professional plan is restricted to 25,000.

If you get a lot of traffic on your website, you might need to go for another tool instead. 

5. Unbounce

Unbounce offers over 125 templates to choose from, which you can easily edit to suit your taste.

Even if you have limited design skills, you can still build a professional and mobile-responsive landing page with this tool. 

Its drag-and-drop process enables you to bring in various different elements, like images, text, and videos. You can also build your page on a blank canvas if you want. 

After creating your page, you can track statistics and carry out A/B tests. Unbounce also offers a dynamic text replacement feature, which enables you to easily change keywords across your landing pages. 

Integration with tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce and many others ensure that you can process the leads you capture through your social media campaigns.

Unbounce also makes it easy to collaborate with your team members if you have a design team, or simply want to collaborate with others. You can add an unlimited number of users and set roles like admin, author, or viewer for members to control their level of accessibility. 

It’s worth noting that Unbounce puts a cap on the number of pages you can create depending on your plan. If you’ll be creating many landing pages for your campaigns, you should check each plan to see which one is suitable for your particular needs. 


Landing pages are an essential part of a healthy digital marketing campaign – whether it’s via social media or any other digital channel. 

Whatever needs you have while building your landing page, you’ll surely find a tool on this list which satisfies them. All you have to do is define your needs for a landing page builder, then choose the right tool for your process. 

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