New Study Shows Pinterest Could be a Key Platform for Targeting Auto Buyers

New Study Shows Pinterest Could be a Key Platform for Targeting Auto Buyers


Did you know that Pinterest is now an important platform for the discovery of new vehicles, and can be significantly influential in new car purchase decisions? 

That’s according to a new study by Oracle Data Cloud, which found that Pinterest users tend to be more active early adopters for new car models than non-Pinners.

As per the findings:

“Compared to people who don’t use Pinterest, people on the platform are:

  • 28% more likely to buy a new vehicle within the first 90 days of a release
  • 31% more likely to buy a new SUV model after a new release
  • 13% more likely to buy a new truck model after a new release”

​Why would that be surprising? Well, traditionally, Pinterest has been dominated by female users, a demographic which you may not immediately associate with SUV and truck purchases.

But that assumption would be incorrect – according to a report published earlier this year, 62% of new cars in the US are now purchased by women, while females also make more than 80% of car purchasing decisions.

When you add to this the fact that high-income and educated US households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated US households, the findings actually make perfect sense. Pinterest could, in fact, be a key platform for promoting auto-related products and services. 

In addition, Oracle’s report also found that Pinterest now reaches 1 in 2 US adults who plan to buy a car within the next six months, while over 7 million people on Pinterest regularly engage with car-related content. The findings probably come as little surprise to auto retailers, who are likely aware of the key trends, but it does highlight another aspect to Pinterest that not everyone would be aware of, and gleans more insight into the marketing opportunities on the platform for a rising array of businesses.

Add to this the fact that Pinterest also recently crossed the 300 million active user milestone and you can see those opportunities expanding even further. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest in a while, it may be worth giving it another look and seeing what’s being shared around your industry within the app.




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