The Benefits and Challenges of Social Data Tracking [Infographic]

The Benefits and Challenges of Social Data Tracking [Infographic]


As social media usage continues to grow, it’s logical that more brands would be looking to utilize social platforms for consumer data and insight – and rightfully so.

But many businesses still have trouble extracting the right insights from the flood of social media information. For example, 18% of businesses feel that they’re not tracking the right metrics for success, and 15% feel that they’re not utilizing the insights they do glean to enact strategic action. ROI also remains a lingering question – but much of that may also come down to the previous points, not tracking the right insights, and then, not actioning relevant information when you find it.

These numbers, as reflected in this new report from Raconteur, show that while social media has gained legitimacy as a valuable business platform, many brands are still not at the stage where they are consistently deriving real value from the medium. 

We still have a way to go, and if any of these findings relate to your business, it may be time to address the core of each, and work to find relevant solutions to maximize your efforts.  

Infographic looks at social insight issues




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