Facebook’s Looking to Make it Easier to Post to Your Personal and Page Story Simultaneously

Facebook’s Looking to Make it Easier to Post to Your Personal and Page Story Simultaneously


Another week, another Facebook Stories update, this time focused on making it easier for users to share to both their personal and business Page story at the same time

Facebook Stories split example

As you can see in this example from Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith (shared by Matt Navarra), Facebook is trying out a new Stories update prompt which displays a split Stories panel, and prompts users to share to their personal and business Page Stories.

That’s not necessarily to say that everything you post to one should go to the other, but it would certainly make it easier to do so, which – Facebook would be hoping – will get more people who manage a Page to share more Stories content.

As noted, this is just the latest in the ongoing spate of Facebook Stories updates, which align with Facebook’s broader view that Stories are the future of social sharing.

As an example, in the last couple of months, Facebook has added a new slideshow option for Stories, began testing new UI layouts to improve Stories functionality, and opened up AR effects creation to all users within its Spark Studio.

And Stories usage definitely is growing – back in April, Facebook reported that its combined Facebook and Messenger Stories features (formerly known as ‘Messenger Day‘) now see more than 500 million daily users. That’s still a lesser subset of Facebook’s 1.59b daily active users overall, but Stories usage is growing. The trick, it seems now, is for Facebook to get older users on-board with the option, in order to truly bring Stories adoption into the spotlight.

This new test is more geared towards inflating Stories usage, and showing businesses how valuable Stories can be. And with brands constantly struggling to come up with relevant content, it could be a help – though it may also muddy the waters in regards to personal and professional sharing.




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