The Evolution of PR – 1999 to 2019 [Infographic]

The Evolution of PR – 1999 to 2019 [Infographic]


The way we communicate has changed significantly in the last two decades, so the way that marketers and PR professionals connect has, logically, also had to evolve in step, aligning with consumption trends.

Back in 1999, SMS messaging had just become the norm, and social media wasn’t even a consideration. In fact, most people were still on restrictive internet packages, and connecting over the web wasn’t a common practice – unless it was to download the latest songs through Napster, or post your thoughts on a bulletin board.  

Those examples sound prehistoric, but this was only 20 years ago, and it’s interesting to consider just how far things have come, and what that has meant for professional communications process. 

That’s what this infographic from the team at MSR Communications is all about. Here, the team from MSR provide an overview of how PR has changed, and what that means for modern-day businesses.

There are some interesting points of nostalgia, but more importantly, some good reminders of what, and why, things have changed, and how modern businesses need to adapt.

Infographic looks at the evolution of PR over the past 20 years




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