31 Funny Twitter Bios & How to Write Your Own

31 Funny Twitter Bios & How to Write Your Own

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of making an impact on social media is coming up with something profound in 140 characters. That’s right; I’m talking about the tweet.

A tweet is short, sweet, and to the point. And crafting one often leaves us staring blankly at that little blinking cursor, hoping for a way to rephrase the tweet to let up some characters for an image, a link, or that ever-essential hashtag.

Unsurprisingly, a Twitter bio is equally challenging. You mean to tell me that I have 160 characters (thanks for the extra 20?) to explain to the Twittersphere who I am, what I do, and why my Twitter is worth following?

What is a Twitter Bio?

A Twitter bio is a small public summary about yourself or your business displayed under your Twitter profile picture. In the bio, you can include 160 characters of text, hashtags, and handles of profiles you’re affiliated with, 

It might not seem like a big deal, but keep this in mind: Your bio is one the main things people use to decide whether or not to follow you on Twitter — so what you write in your Twitter bio needs to count.

Check out our free professional bio templates   example gallery for more  inspiration. 

Yes, it can be hard to sum up who you are and give followers an idea of your personality in one tiny tweet-sized bio. So here are a few quick steps to help:

How to Write a Twitter Bio

  1. Go to your Twitter profile, click Edit Profile, and begin writing in the Bio text box.
  2. Keep the post short, sweet, and intriguing.
  3. Write a sentence or a few descriptive words about yourself.
  4. Alternatively, write your job title.
  5. Make a relatable, but appropriate, joke about your job or life.
  6. Tag or hashtag companies or accounts you’re affiliated with.
  7. Be clear about who you are without getting too wordy.
  8. Include a link to your website or another social profile.
  9. Experiment with relavent emojis to make your bio more eye-catching.

As we’ve mentioned, leaning on humor can be a quick way to show off your personality and make you seem relatable to audiences. 

To give you some inspiration, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the most amusing and entertaining bios we could find.

We’ve scoured far and wide and am proud to present to you with 28 of the funniest bios — from real people, beloved brands, and fictitious characters that pepper the Twittersphere.

28 of the Funniest Twitter Bios We Could Find

1. @TheMikeTrainor

Funny twitter bio from @TheMikeTrainor

Why we’re amused:

Comedian and writer Mike Trainor makes my inner seven-year-old want to ask him to pull my finger. Also, imagining Mr. Trainor saying, “He who smelt it,” while looking as dapper as he does in his profile picture is a little slice of added amusement. Plus, we can’t help but love this bio’s self-deprecation, in its allusion to the fact that one of his shows is “still airing somehow.”

2. @UberFacts

Funny Twitter bio from @UberFacts

Why we’re amused:

UberFacts fills our brains with seemingly unnecessary information all day, every day. Though with the rise of popularity in bar-hosted trivia nights and games like Trivia Crack, I wouldn’t say we’ll never need to know things like this:

Berserk llama syndrome is a real condition where a llama believes its human owner is also a llama, causing the animal to become aggressive.

— UberFacts (@UberFacts) August 21, 2017

3. @NelsonFranklin

Funny Twitter bio from @NelsonFranklin

Why we’re amused:

I [verb describing feelings of having a strong liking for] this. American actor Nelson Franklin gets us. We’ve seen enough “Actor/Entertainer/Jazz Pianist” Twitter bios — seriously.

Franklin took it upon himself to create a bio that not only asks his followers to test out their imaginations, but one which will also withstand the test of time. I mean, no matter what Nelson Franklin becomes in life, “Noun/noun/noun” is likely to be pretty accurate.

4. @mikeindustries

Funny Twitter bio from @MikeIndustries

Why we’re amused:

Mike Davidson, former VP of Design at Twitter, is a connoisseur of sorts — and while he has an impressive background, we do enjoy his present credential of, “Currently chillin’.”

We also can’t help but wonder: Does the Twitter bio 160 character limit have to do with the aesthetics of a Twitter page’s design? Is Mike Davidson to blame?

5. @JamieAmacher

Funny Twitter bio from @JamieAmacher

Why we’re amused:

Some people aim to save neglected pets. Jamie Amacher aims to save neglected houseplants. Buffalo, NY resident (and coworker of mine at Mainstreethost), Amacher knows the importance of keeping plants alive indoors — especially since, here in the Northeast U.S., we don’t get to see much plant life outside during winter.

I must say, it’s a noble act; sacrificing a Twitter bio front-loaded with accomplishments. for the sake of our forgetful nature and thirsty houseplants.

6. @sixthformpoet

Funny Twitter bio from sixthformpoet

Why we’re amused:

Like a homeless individual asking me for beer money, I can respect this. The mysterious Sixth Form Poet is an author (as she or he is quick to remind us) of the book The Sixth Form Poet, and offers up this Twitter handle on the book’s cover as authorship. The Sixth Form Poet has attracted 143k fans to date, which is fitting, considering this 2013 tweet:

It would be so cool if I had lots of fans.

— sixthformpoet (@sixthformpoet) August 23, 2013

7) @Lord_Voldemort7

Funny Twitter bio from @Lord_Voldemort7

Why we’re amused:

Harry Potter fans, rejoice — or cower in fear. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has a Twitter, and he’s not afraid to share his truth — in the form of a clever use of Christina Perri lyrics.

8. @shelbyfero

funny twitter bio from @shelbyfero

Why we’re amused:

As we mentioned above, we always appreciate a bit of tasteful self-deprecating humor, and Shelby Fero gives us just that in her Twitter bio. Though, according to HiTFiX (and her impressive Twitter following of 122k), it seems that people are crazy about her — at the very least, on Twitter. And, if you’re curious about her work, she’s also conveniently included a link to Google search her instead of providing a website.

9. @Arbys

Funny Twitter bio from @Arbys

Why we’re amused:

Arby’s puns its slogan, “We have the meat.”, by replacing meat with tweets. This is a great way of reminding people of your slogan while making a funny joke about the platform you’re on. 

10. @sweetestsara

Funny twitter bio from @Sweetestsara

Why we’re amused:

Sara Rubin is a video producer at BuzzFeed. You can thank her in part for many of the fantastic BuzzFeed videos you see circulating around social media and love are obsessed with. If you’ve seen any of the videos in which she’s, you know she’s an overall lovable and whimsical character — not to mention, hilariously awkward and anxious, like a good handful of us.

Her Twitter bio is just as imaginative and adds a touch of fantasy that I think provides a welcomed breather from some of the more serious Twitter bios out there.

11. @JohnCleese

Funny twitter bio from @JohnCleese

Why we’re amused:

John Cleese is an English writer, actor and tall person (according to his website). As he is also a comedian, we’re allowed to find it incredibly humorous that he mentions in his Twitter bio that he’s still alive, contrary to rumor. Plus, he’s doing “the silly walk” in his app, and we invite you to see for yourself just how silly it is. (Monty Python fans, rejoice.)

12 & 13) @arnettwill & @batemanjason

Funny twitter bios from @arnettwill and @BatemanJason

Why we’re amused:

First off, it’s clear to me that BFF Twitter bios are the BFF necklace of 2017. Actors Will Arnett and Jason Bateman wear their BFF-dom proud for all of the Twitterland to see — but it’s not the first time they’ve taken their affinity for one another to the public eye. In 2013, they were seen strolling down the street on a sunny afternoon in 2013 while having some fun with the nearby paparazzi:

14 & 15. @AlisonLeiby & @alyssawolff

Funny Twitter bios from @AlisonLeiby and @Alyssawolff

Why we’re amused:

In a similar fashion, writers Alison Leiby and Alyssa Wolff have obviously made a BFF pact to dedicate their Twitter bios to one another. Again — we approve.

16. The Onion

Funny Twitter bio from @TheOnion

Why we’re amused:

The Onion is probably the most well-known and popular satirical news site. They publish gag headlines and goofy articles for the sake of humor. In this bio, they sarcastically claim that they are the opposite of a joke site by calling themselves the, “finest news source.”

17. @Lesdoggg

Funny Twitter by from @Lesdoggg

Why we’re amused:

What do we love about comedian Leslie Jones’ Twitter bio? It’s simple and to the point. Plus, we can’t help but snicker at the humor in its simplicity — she lets us know about her line of work, without any jokes. That’s okay; luckily, her on-screen work and actual tweets provide plenty of hilarious fodder.

18. @shondarhimes

Funny twitter bio from @Shondarhimes

Why we’re amused:

For many of us, Shonda Rhimes is a legend — and our Thursday nights would be so much less interesting without her. She’s the writer behind such hit shows as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” and yes: People love to tweet their plotline opinions to her. She stops that madness with a concise, funny quip in her bio: “It’s not real, okay?” Yes, Ms. Rhimes.

19. @aparnapkin

Funny twitter bio from @aparnapkin

Why we’re amused:

Comedian Aparna Nancherla’s Twitter handle (@aparnapkin) is seemingly a play on her name, which is silly enough. Based on her bio I’d be willing to guess that her Twitter feed is equally as amusing.

That assumption is backed up by TIME, as her feed was named one of The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014. Out of about 328 million monthly active users on Twitter, that ain’t too shabby – she’s definitely considered a comedian in this culture, if I had to guess.

20. @notzuckerberg

Funny Twitter bio from @NotZuckerberg

Why we’re amused:

In case you haven’t already guessed, this is NOT Mark Zuckerberg. But that doesn’t stop @notzuckerberg (a.k.a., Twitter user @afterthatsummer) from tweeting as if (s)he were the “Zuck.”

The fake Mark Zuckerberg is pretty funny, as proven by his Twitter bio and tweets like this:

Facebook beat Wall Street’s target again. I am a wizard making mad coin from the most abundant thing on earth—your desire to procrastinate.

— Not Mark Zuckerberg (@notzuckerberg) January 29, 2015

Touché, fake Zuck. Touché.

21. @AnnaKendrick47

Funny Twitter bio from @AnnaKendrick47

Why we’re amused:

We’ve always been rather amused by Anna Kendrick’s self-deprecating humor in general. Take, for example, this pinned tweet:

Oh God. I just realized I’m stuck with me my whole life.

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) May 26, 2015

Plus, we love the location she listed. (Same here, Ms. Kendrick.)

22. @FirstWorldPains

Funny Twitter bio from @FirstWorldPainsWhy we’re amused:

This account pokes fun at “first world problems,” where people complain about things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things: cold French fries, getting the wrong coffee, a cell phone dying, or — as @FirstWorldPains mentions in its bio — the absolutely terrible moment when you really, really want to write a good online bio, but can’t think of anything. #worstdayofmylife

23. @Charmin

Funny Twitter bio from @Charmin

Why we’re amused:

Charmin, as we know, sells toilet paper. We’re all adults here, and we all know what it’s used for. Charmin’s Twitter bio is entertaining because, considering its industry, the brand gets the awkwardness out of the way immediately, letting us all know that, hey, quality toilet paper is a good thing … and a good bathroom trip — or, “the go,” as it’s called here — should be enjoyed.

Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good, TP-related riddle?


Q: Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?

A: Because the “P” is silent!

— Charmin (@Charmin) August 16, 2017

24. @ComedyCentral

Funny twitter bio from @ComedyCentral

Why we’re amused:

Because we see what you did there, Comedy Central. Also, this:

A great way to deal with your problems is to melt some cheese on them.

— Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) August 21, 2017

For some of us, cheese is always the answer, no matter what the problem.

25. @YourAwayMessage

Funny twitter bio from @YourAwayMessage

Why we’re amused:

Are we the only ones who remember the days of AOL Instant Messenger, a.k.a., AIM? Think back, if you can, to a time before Slack, Twitter, and even Facebook — and maybe, just maybe, it’ll all come back to you.

If looking at this bio (and its accompanying profile image) gives you an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, then you already know why it’s amusing. Remember AIM profiles? And sub-profiles? And away messages? Or the sound of that creaky door opening when your ~*cRuSh*~ signed on?

Also, the location being “the den” is on point. If this doesn’t hit home for you, view this BuzzFeed article, or move on to the next!

26. @TheEllenShow

Funny twitter bio from @TheEllenShow

Why we’re amused:

Ellen DeGeneres entertains us on social media, television, real life, etc. She’s just plain amusing. So it should come as no surprise that her actual bio on Twitter is pretty darn amusing. According to her bio, she has a second job as an ice road trucker — hmm — and her tweets are both real, and spectacular. Well, she’s not lying about her tweets. After all, see below. So, what does that tell us about her second job? We buy it.

I just invested in an eclipse sunglass company. Does anyone know when the next one is?

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) August 21, 2017

27. @tomhanks

Funny Twitter bio from @TomHanks

Why we’re amused:

Fame didn’t get to Tom Hanks’ head. He’s a normal person, just like you and I, having issues with fluctuating weight. Sometimes, he gains people’s approval — and other times, not so much. To that, we say, “Tweet on, Tom.”

28. @FranksRedHot

Funny Twitter bio from @FranksRedHot

Why we’re amused:

If you’re as big a fan of Frank’s RedHot as we are, then you know how easy it to actually but that — ahem — [stuff] on everything. Of course, as marketers, we agree that the brand might as well put it on Twitter, too.

29. @popchips

Funny twitter bio from @PopChips

Why we’re amused:

We wish eating popchips was in our job descriptions — since, when they’re around, we certainly eat them like it’s part of our collective responsibilities.

30. Pepsi

Funny twitter bio from @Pepsi

Why we’re amused:

It’s pretty funny to imagine a social media manager getting distracted from their job duties because the product they’re supposed to be marketing is just so delicious. 

31. @Alexa99

Funny twitter bio from @Alexa99Why we’re amused:

This is the official account of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The bio is funny because it reads as if a robot wrote it. For those who have an Alexa, they might also know that Alexa is bad at puns and tells bad jokes when asked. So, her interests, along with the sci-fi Star Trek, make sense for her. 

Because she is a robot, the most hilarious thing in this bio is how it ends with “Tweets and opinions are my own.” 

Find Your Twitter Humor

It’s true — exercising humor while also tweeting as a responsible business is often a fine line to walk. But as these examples show, it’s possible to be both self-deprecating and funny on social media, as long as it aligns with your brand.

And, as always, we’ll continue bringing you the latest news and tactics in conquering social media.

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