10 Steps on the Employee Influencer Journey [Infographic]

10 Steps on the Employee Influencer Journey [Infographic]

Establishing an employee advocacy program can significantly boost the reach and resonance of your digital marketing efforts – but it’s not necessarily a simple process. For example, it’s one thing to ask your employees to share your latest company updates with their connections, but it’s another altogether to force them to do so, or set targets on such.

Many people have reservations about the potential of spamming their friends and family, while a lot are also simply not engaged enough to want to post about your business. So how do you do it? How do you implement a program which benefits both the employee sharing and your business, in order to achieve optimal content performance?

This infographic from the team at DSMN8 provides an overview of a simplified employee advocacy system in practice, and the steps in the chain that lead to employee sharing. Based on this, you can see the key points and benefits which you can focus on – so on one hand, it shows that such programs don’t develop overnight, they take time to evolve. While on the other, you can see where you can focus your push to better showcase the potential.

Infographic looks at employee advocacy in practice




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