3 Ways to Use Video in Remarketing Campaigns (and Why You Should)

3 Ways to Use Video in Remarketing Campaigns (and Why You Should)

If you’re looking to take your online ad campaigns to the next level, video retargeting might just be what you’re after.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can leverage video a key asset for boosting your remarketing campaigns.

How does “retargeting” work?

“Retargeting” has become a major movement in digital advertising, because it gives you the opportunity to generate multiple impressions on a target visitor. It’s not only about a viewer seeing your ads several times, though, retargeting also enables you to tailor the content each person is shown based on where they are in your sales funnel.

For example, if a website visitor clicked on a specific product, you can retarget them on social media or other platforms showing them that exact product, relevant deals, or info about your brand.

But social platforms have become more complex and advanced than even a few months ago. Now, retargeting doesn’t mean you can only send them back to the page or product they were previously looking at. Now, you can also tailor your messaging and advertisements based on the exact part of the sales funnel your lead is in. If it’s their first impression, they might see a video about your brand mission, but the third impression might have a stronger CTA for a specific product or service.

This kind of personalized retargeting is prime real estate for videos to step in and step up.

Here’s how can you use video to boost the success of your retargeting campaigns:

1. Address their objections

The biggest reason you’re retargeting a customer is because they didn’t purchase or convert the first time around.

There are three primary reasons why they didn’t buy:

  1. The product isn’t relevant to them
  2. They have questions, objections, or hesitance about your product
  3. They don’t “buy in” to your brand

There’s not much you can do about number one – there’s little point retargeting people who aren’t in your audience, because they’ll rarely make a purchase.

A focus on reason two, however, can greatly increase your retargeting conversions. 

Let’s say, for example, that a visitor to your website clicked on a product, but they didn’t buy it. Maybe they’re worried the size or color isn’t accurately shown in the picture, or they want to shop around based on price, or they’re not sure if the product is actually “worth” their money.

This is where a video advertisement can work wonders. You can use video content to answer some of the questions your clients might have. You can address the most common objections to your products by talking about the product – or better yet, showing the product in use.

Video is the best tool to show exactly how your offering is unique and a cut above the rest. You can show it in use, show off its unique features, or show how it fits or works. Videos are the closest thing your customers can get to feeling, touching, and experiencing the product first hand.

2. Provide social proof

Still on reason number two, one of the most effective ways to quell consumer hesitancy is with testimonials and reviews.

People trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Written reviews work well in this respect, but they may not always be enough to push conversion. Video testimonials enable potential customers to see themselves reflected in your happy clients. When they see that it solves similar customers’ problems, they’re more likely to relate to your brand – and make the purchase.

Imagine someone is interested in your product, but they don’t buy. The next day, they’re scrolling through Facebook and they watch a video of 10 people absolutely raving about that same product. Not only is the product top of mind again, but they’ll also have a positive impression and connection that may well intrigue them to purchase.

Another great way to provide social proof? Influencers. If you’ve partnered with an influencer in your industry or sphere, it’s likely that your target audience already knows that influencer to some degree, and when they see a video of someone they already trust endorsing your product, they’re significantly more likely to go back to your site to make a purchase themselves.

3. Share your brand

The third reason the visitor didn’t buy is a little more complex – but this is also where video can really shine.

Customers no longer want to buy products from faceless corporations, they buy from people-driven brands that they believe in, brands whose mission statements they personally align with.

That’s why online video advertising has become such an integral part of retargeting – it’s not just more words hoping to sell the customer, the video can actually add more value during the follow-up process.

Effective video can offer additional information, alongside emotion and entertainment, to create an unforgettable retargeting experience.

Here’s an example of our own video promotion, showcasing who we are, what we do, and why we do it – all in just a minute. We don’t just tell you about our brand. We show you.

Types of videos to share your brand:

  • Depiction of business mission and values in action
  • Story of brand history or purpose
  • Spotlight on CEO/founder
  • Introduction to employees or team
  • Community engagement stories
  • Video case studies

Are you creating content with your business mission in mind? Neglecting to do so will cost you customers. But if your online video advertising is aligned with your brand, your audience will sense the authenticity, which will push them closer to conversion.

Why Retarget With Videos

Used well, video advertising can help put the personal element back into business.

Video content gives you the opportunity to share your values and your story – then you’re not just retargeting leads with information or products they’ve already seen, you’re adding even more value by entertaining, inspiring, and engaging through visual storytelling.

Your videos cam reopen the conversation with potential leads and previous customers by cutting through the “noise” of social media to get at the heart of what’s real and authentic with your brand.

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