Twitter Shares Major Events Calendar for September to Assist with Strategic Planning

Twitter Shares Major Events Calendar for September to Assist with Strategic Planning


Note: If you haven’t started planning out your holiday campaigns, now is the time.

This week, Twitter has released the latest version of its monthly major events calendar, covering all the key dates for social media marketers to be aware of in September 2019, which serves as both a prompt regarding the immediate potential events of interest, and a reminder that there are now only four months left in this decade. 

Twitter’s event calendars can be a big help in guiding your content strategy – not only do Twitter’s listings highlight all the major events that you can tap into, but selected dates also include projected tweet volume numbers, providing a better idea as to how much discussion each is likely to generate. 

So what are the key events to be aware of this month?

Twitter Major Events Calendar - September 2019

Twitter makes specific note of these major events which should be on your content radar:

Twitter also highlights the brand potential of more light-hearted celebrations this month, including #NationalReadABookDay (September 6th) #TalkLikeAPirate day (September 19) and #NationalCoffeeDay (September 29). Most brands will have at least some way that they can tap into one or more of these events, which may provide a means to showcase another side of your business.

As noted, Twitter’s monthly events calendars can serve as a great prompt to get you thinking about seasonal tie-ins – but don’t forget to start planning out your larger holiday campaigns and considering your major end of year push. 

You can access UK and Middle East versions of Twitter’s event calendars here, while you can also download the full 2019 events calendar at this link.   




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