QUIZ: Which typeface are you, really?

QUIZ: Which typeface are you, really?


What's your typeface?

(Image credit: The American Institute of Graphic Arts)

If you were to describe yourself as a typeface, which one would you choose? Are you a traditional, straight-down-the-middle sort of person, like Helvetica? Or are you a bit of a people-pleaser, like Johnston 100? Given that there are nearly 80 styles in our guide to the best free fonts for designers, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.

To help you find out which typeface best represents your personality, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has created a fun little quiz. The institute, whose recent design census found out that illustrators are the poorest but the happiest in the industry, created this short typeface test for its Eye on Design magazine, and you can take it right now.

With just six probing questions to answer, including ‘you’re getting ready for work. What’s your go-to look?’ and the old favourite ‘which, if any, of these star signs are you’ it won’t take you very long.

Type quiz

It asks all those hard-hitting questions

(Image credit: American Institute of Graphic Arts)

Once you’ve whizzed through the questions you’ll be given your result and a useful bit of contextual info. Thanks to our interest in film soundtracks and Aquarian leanings, we got allocated Galapagos, a fairly goofy font designed by Felix Salut in collaboration with Dinamo in 2016. Go figure.

And like the best online quizzes, you can easily retake the test if you’re not satisfied with the result. But given that the answers are difficult to second guess, it might be harder than you think to rig the test to get your favourite font.

Take the quiz here. Fingers crossed you don’t get Comic Sans…

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