5 Social Media Myths that are Hurting Your Business [Infographic]

5 Social Media Myths that are Hurting Your Business [Infographic]


While the practice of social media marketing has evolved and matured as a business process, some common myths and misconceptions around social media as a marketing tool still exist, and can still cause angst among those who come to social platforms expecting overnight, amazing results.

The truth is that social media marketing takes time. It takes time to build a presence, a community, time to establish connection and trust. From there, brands can establish a foundation for ongoing business relationships – but the idea that Facebook will give you an immediate audience of millions, that your Instagram post will ‘go viral’, or that adding a hashtag to your tweet will essentially give you ad reach for free – these things are not exactly correct.

To provide some perspective on this, social media advisor Angie Gensler has put together this infographic overview of some of the more common social media marketing myths, and their corresponding truths, to help you maintain more realistic expectations.

And while the list itself is fairly simple, no doubt you know at least a couple of people who need to see it. Basically, while there is some truth to the statements on the left, in the blue panels, the reality is more aligned to the right.

Worth keeping in mind in your process. 

Infographic outlines common social media marketing myths




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