5 WordPress Customer Engagement Tools to Help You Improve Customer Journey

5 WordPress Customer Engagement Tools to Help You Improve Customer Journey


Customer engagement tools play an important role in understanding the customer journey for WordPress business websites. With the rapid growth of modern technology, the definition of marketing and business has gone through the process of molting. It has got a new shell in today’s what we call “digital” form.

We have stepped into an era where the digital avatar of your brand speaks first for you and leaves an enduring impression upon the customers. This kinship between customers and brand is simple enough – the more attractive your website will look, the more customers will drop in.

Every day, hundreds of users or customers pay a visit to your website either to make a purchase or scroll through the products. Your business must keep track of these customers and their behavior on your website. In other words, understanding the customer journey is important for business growth.

Let us give you an idea about how to analyze the customer journey in detail.

What Is the Customer Journey?

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First, let’s focus on understanding the term “customer journey”.

Customer Journey is about studying the behavior of the customers and web-users when they enter your website, monitoring and understanding their activities and what they are looking for. The reputation and growth of your brand primarily depend on customer experiences.

With the use of a customer journey map, every business website can analyze their customers’ journey and experiences.

As the report by Huffington Post reveals, 91% of your customers might not complain. They simply walk out and forget about your business. Hence, customer journey mapping is essential to observe the customer.

Customer Journey Map

Customer journey mapping is a new-age technique. It helps you to analyze your business from the customer’s mindset. Further, it improves and makes their experience smoother than before.

A customer journey map helps your business get insights into the problem areas that need improvement. This surely enhances the customer experience. Such insights also help you build a bridge connecting the gaps between what the customers search for and what they get. This is why WordPress customer engagement tools are important to map the customer’s journey and improve the traffic on your WordPress website.

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Among the multitude of trending marketing strategies, customer journey marketing comes as a top-listed. Apart from upgrading your services and products, it is vital to know your customers in-depth.

Smart customer marketing strategies can help you in engaging the customers and driving traffic for the long-term. This will help them coming back to your store or a website in the future.

Also, a recent Temkin Group research states that a company with $1 billion revenue per year can boost its revenue to an average of an additional $700 million over three years of investment in customer experience.

Advantages of using a customer journey map

  • Better Customer Experience: Customer journey mapping helps you in finding the shortcomings that you need to work on. This results in a seamless experience for your customers. Once you identify the problem you can ensure business improvement with better customer experience.
  • Sources: In the age of marketing, it becomes difficult to identify the exact sources that are drawing customers to your website. The customer journey mapping technique keeps an accurate track using smart tools. These are the sources that are influencing customers to interact with your brand.
  • Walk-In Customer’s Shoe: The most effective advantage of mapping is observing your business from your customer’s viewpoint. To ensure improved and developed customer experience, learn what the customers feel about your brand. Analyze how they prioritize your brand over the other in this highly competitive market.
  • Increased Sales: According to studies if you invest in a customer journey map, you can enjoy 18 times faster average sales cycle. This also boosts your cross and up-selling revenue by 56%. Therefore, investing in mapping is beneficial for your business growth.
  • Building an Emotional Connection With Customers: With an improved employee and customer relations, the mercury of customer satisfaction goes up. Mapping helps the business to offer its best services to the customer based on their needs and desires. This allows the brand to develop an emotional relationship with the customers.

WordPress Customers Engagement Plugins

WordPress customer engagement plugins are software apps with lots of exciting and useful features. More importantly, it consists of added functionalities that improve your site performance.

In the WordPress plugin directory, there are nearly 40,000 free customer engagement tools with extra features that are available along with premium ones.

Here is the list of our top 5 WordPress customer engagement tools:

1. WPForms

wp forms plugin

Handing your customers a feedback form is the best way to know their experience with your brand.

You can learn how much satisfied the customers are with your website, what are the things that you need to improve for a better experience.

WPForms is probably one of the best WordPress plugins that makes an easy form in a few seconds.

Use this plugin to create different forms like email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, and feedback forms.

Key features:

  • Multiple template options
  • Multiple questions creation
  • Color and icon customization features

Pricing details:

The premium WPForms plugin has four plans – Basic (79 for one site use), Plus ($199 for three sites use), Pro ($399 for twenty sites use) and Elite (599 for unlimited use).

How WPForms improves the customers’ journey?

WPForms plugin allows the customers to provide feedback on their opinions and experiences. This customer feedback will help you in building a map for business improvement.

2. ProProfs Live Chat

Proprofs chat plugin

Another smart way to understand customers is through chat. Physical stores have dedicated employees to assist the customers and take care of their needs. But what about the website customers?

Well, you can also digitally assist your website customers – add live chat to WordPress and ensure efficient customer service.

ProProfs Live Chat is one of the fastest and responsive WordPress live chat plugins. It ensures a smooth service experience for your visitors and customers.

Key features:

  • Personalized chat greeting and templates
  • Quicker replies with canned responses
  • Co-browsing feature for better customer support
  • Understands visitors better with real-time visitor monitoring

Apart from the 15-days free trial, you can see multiple plans that you can access.

Here are the pricing details:

  • Bronze ($8 per year)
  • Silver ($15 per year)
  • Gold ($32 per year)
  • Enterprise ($149 per month)

What’s more, they also offer a forever free plan keeping startups in mind.

How Proprofs Live Chat plugin helps engage customers?

This WordPress live chat plugin helps you to understand your visitors in detail. With the help of a real-time visitor monitoring feature, you can track the behavior of your customers. More importantly, can learn what they are looking for, how much time they are spending on your website and much more.

This relevant information can later help in capturing the lead for your brand and increase the conversion rate.

3. WP-Polls

wordpress poll plugin

There is another effective WordPress plugin called WP-Polls. Like WPforms, WP-Polls is one of the tool from many customer engagement tools in the form of a polling system.

This tool helps you to create polls on a range of topics inquiring about which product or service the customers have liked the most.

Polling gives you the simple and exact answer to what the customers are looking for. You can even engage your customers in voting for the best future strategy. It will surely make your brand even more desirable to them.

Think about how easy it is to understand the customer journey using the help of a simple web survey.

Key features:

  • Extremely customizable
  • Unlimited polling options
  • A variety of template
  • Different themes for each survey

Pricing details:

The basic rate for WP-Poll – survey addon starts from $29 only with lots of useful and effective features.

How WP-Polls improves customer engagement?

Every business must keep an eye over the customer journey which helps in increasing brand loyalty. It allows getting an in hand result of the potential customer’s experience with your brand.

Polling will make it easy for users to specify their needs, opinions, their likes and dislikes about your products and services.

4. OptinMonster

optinmonster plugin

OptinMonster plugin works wonderfully in tracking the customers’ behaviors especially those who turn up to your website for the first time but never come back.

This plugin helps in tracking those customers by their registered emails and never lets them forget about your brand.

Instead, OptinMonster keeps on updating those users about the latest news on your website.

In other words, OptinMonster plugin will help you in creating an email list easily and help you increase web traffic as well.

Key features:

    • Faster email list growing
    • Never letting the first customers forget about the website
    • Onsite retargeting

Pricing details:

There are four plans:

    • Basic with $19 per month
    • Plus with $39 per month
    • Pro with $59 per month
    • Growth $99 per month

How Optinmonster helps understand your customers?

OptinMonster plugin allows you to identify and help to convert your one-time web-visitors into potential customers for your brand.

With its advanced page targeting features which include targeting categories, signed-in users and others; this useful WordPress plugin understands the customer journey and captures more leads for your brand.

5. W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache plugin

There is no use of adding several WordPress customer engagement tools for better customer journey understanding if your website runs slow. A faster and smoother website will attract more users and retains them for a longer time. Further, it turns them into regular customers.

W3 Total Cache plugin can help you in case you are facing the issue with the speed and performance of your website. By increasing SEO and clearing away website cache, W3 Total Cache helps to boost the overall performance of the website. Besides, it makes it more user-friendly to the customers.

Key features:

  • Clears web-caches
  • Increases and improves website performance
  • Increase website page ranking
  • Accelerate conversion rate
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Pricing details:

Although there are premium services including SSL performance setup and others, the users can download and use the free version of it. Besides, the premium pricing starts from $200.

How W3 Total Cache helps improve engagement?

W3 Total Cache plugin helps in loading your website faster by clearing caches. More importantly, a fast and smooth website attracts more visitors. Besides, it helps them in exploring the site without any interruption.

This improves in monitoring customer journeys and building better business strategies.

Final Thoughts

However, according to a recent report, nearly 67% of consumers and 74% of business buyers have confirmed that they are ready to pay more for a great experience with the brand. So now you have an idea of how important are WordPress customer engagement tools for your business sites.

So, if you still feel that you don’t understand your customers, add these highly effective WordPress customer engagement tools on your website. It will deliver better customer service that converts them into potential leads.

Because it is important to note that the first journey always works like a magic spell that never lets one forget about the experience – positive or negative.

David MillerDavid Miller is a customer service strategist and execution expert at ProProfs. He offers unique strategies to website owners who wish to build a delightful experience using WordPress Live Chat Plugins. Follow David @Davidmiller4312 or connect on LinkedIn.


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