Security Ninja Review: An Easy-to-Use WordPress Security Plugin

Security Ninja Review: An Easy-to-Use WordPress Security Plugin


If you’re not paying for a premium managed WordPress host, it’s very likely that you’re the only thing standing between your WordPress site and malicious actors.

Security Ninja review, I’ll take a look at a freemium security plugin that can help you secure your website in a ton of different ways, including with malware scanning and a cloud firewall.

Keep reading for a hands-on look at everything Security Ninja has to offer and how it works to secure your site.

Security Ninja Review: The Feature List Who’s Behind It

Security Ninja originally launched on CodeCanyon all the way back in 2011. The team moved it to in 2016 where it’s become active on over 9,000 websites. You can now get the free core version from and purchase a Pro version straight from the developer.

Speaking of the developer, Security Ninja comes from a developer with a number of popular plugins at, including Under Construction, Maps Widget for Google Maps, and WP Reset.

So how does Security Ninja protect your site? Let’s start with the free core version and then I’ll cover the Pro features.

The free core version doesn’t make any changes to your site. Instead, it runs 50 security tests against your site’s current configuration and tells you what you’re doing well…and what you need to change. With the Pro version, you can fix many of the issues with a single click, but the free version just provides tips and code snippets to help you manually make the needed changes.

You can view a full list of tests at the page, but in general it will test both broad and specific issues. For example, it will test a broad issue like your site’s file permissions, as well as a specific issue like whether your server is vulnerable to the Shellshock bug #6271.

Then, if you upgrade to the Pro version, Ninja Security gets a lot more proactive with seven new modules:

  • Cloud firewall – proactively block malicious IP addresses and requests.
  • Country blocking – block specific countries from accessing your site.
  • Core scanner – scan core files to find changes or files that shouldn’t exist.
  • Malware scanner – scan your server to find malicious files.
  • Auto fixer – automatically fix many of the issues that the free version of the plugin detects.
  • Events logger – log important events inside your dashboard, like when someone edits a file or installs a new plugin.
  • Scheduled scanner – schedule your core and malware scans to run automatically.

Hands-On With Security Ninja

I’ll start by quickly showing you how the free version of Security Ninja works. Then, I’ll install the premium version and take you through that functionality.

Free Version Security Checks

Once you install the free version from, you can head to the new Security Ninja area to run 50 security checks against your site:

Get Security Ninja Pro Get Free Version

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