WordPress Comments Plugins that make Your Comments Section Awesome

WordPress Comments Plugins that make Your Comments Section Awesome


One of the beautiful things about the Internet is how it enables users from all across the world to engage and enter a dialogue on your site. To get people talking, though, you need a space where users can interact. By default, WordPress offers this space in the comments section. It’s barebones, but it works. But barebones is no fun, so let’s take a look at 17 WordPress Comments plugins you can install to evolve your comment section from barebones to awesome.

significant changes. Plugins come and go; the core always remains intact.

  • You can have multiple specialist plugins integrated for different purposes and still benefit from the out-of-the-box native tools.
  • Unlike third-party plugins, the native system means you always “own” your comments.
  • In this hand-picked collection, you’ll find solutions for any of the mentioned scenarios.

    WordPress Comments Plugins Which Upgrade Your Comments Section

    All these plugins instantly provide multi-faceted upgrades to your comments section.

    Disqus Comment System

    Disqus comment system WordPress Comment Pluginthose that write about WordPress, stay with Disqus because of the things mentioned above.

    Get Disqus

    Jetpack by Automattic

    Jetpack PluginJetpack requires no special maintenance, combats spam like no other plugin (paired with Akismet) and offers a huge list of other features to improve your website’s SEO, performance and overall usability.

    And yes, comments. It’s just one of the “modules” you can optionally turn on to add more features to the default commenting system on WordPress. Those include social media login options, comment subscriptions, and more in-depth data and user activity tracking for website owners.

    Overall, Jetpack lets you have more organized discussions without tremendous efforts. What matters, this plugin is a quality piece of code that will never bloat your website.

    Get Jetpack


    wordpress comments plugin any commentGet AnyComment

    WpDevArt Facebook Comments

    wpdevart facebook commentsSocial Comments plugin and the dedicated Facebook Comments widget in the Elementor page builder.

    Get WpDevArt Facebook Comments

    Replyable by Postmatic

    replyablePostmatic commenting system from the same developer. This is a spot-on solution based on machine learning that improves the commenting system in multiple aspects, in the first place providing a smarter “subscribe to comments” functionality.

    For example, commenters can reply to comments via email. You can moderate comments via email and, moreover, you can let the system handle spam by recognizing the quality and relevance of comments.

    Get Replyable


    WPdiscuz PluginWooCommerce through a different dedicated plugin. Another reason to choose this plugin is that it’s genuinely robust and fast thanks to multiple optimization techniques.

    Get wpDiscuz

    Thrive Comments

    thrive comments plugin for wordpressGet Thrive Comments

    Multi Comments for WordPress

    multi commentsGet Multi Comments for WordPress 

    IntenseDebate Comments

    intensedebateGet IntenseDebate Comments

    WordPress Comments Plugins Which Give Users Specific Commenting Abilities

    These plugins add specific, limited features to your comment section. When possible, they’re great to use in combination with some of the more multi-featured plugins listed above.

    Yoast Comment Hacks

    yoast comment hacks WordPress Comment PluginGet Yoast Hack


    commentluvGet Get CommentLuv

    WordPress Comment Rating

    wp comment ratingGet WordPress Comment Rating

    LazyLoads for Comments

    lazy load for commentsGet LazyLoads for Comments

    WP Ajax Edit Comments

    WP Ajax Edit Comments PluginWP Ajax Edit Comments. This plugin gives commenters a limited time window in which they can edit their comments after submission.

    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

    subscribe to comments reloaded WordPress Comment PluginGet Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

    Everest Comment Rating

    everest comment ratingGet Everest Comment Rating

    WordPress Comments Plugins Which Let You Easily Moderate, Manage, and Promote Comments


    Akismet Plugin - WordPress Comments PluginsAkismet is the gold standard of spam prevention and a necessity for any WordPress site. It works behind the scenes to check all incoming comments for spam. Install it and enjoy knowing you’ll be protected from the worst spammers without lifting a finger.

    WordPress Comments Plugins: Final Thoughts

    Comments sections are a great way to drive engagement with your website visitors. They give users a place to interact with your content, share ideas, and feel more connected. However, given the barebones nature of WordPress’ basic commenting system, you should take some time to look over these plugins and install the ones you think your readers will most love.

    Take some time now to awesomize your comments section, and your website will reap the rewards in increased user engagement for the rest of its life.

    Did I miss a plugin? Do you have a comment about WPLift’s comments section? Let us know in the comments below!

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