Monotype launches its own type awards

Monotype launches its own type awards


Type Champions Awards

(Image credit: Monotype)

Typography plays a vital role in graphic design, but it doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves. 

It’s one of those elements that, when done well, doesn’t really get noticed. Poor typographic execution, on the other hand, can ruin an otherwise excellent layout and make you with that the designers had paid a bit more attention to typography tutorials.

Now Monotype has stepped forward to put typography in the spotlight with a new awards programme. Judged by top names in the design business, the Type Champions Award aims to recognise and celebrate brands that emphasise typography in developing and maintaining their brand identities, and Monotype wants the creative community to help identify the brands and agencies that should be included.

“Type plays a critical role in brand identity, and some brands are using type in their creative campaigns in a way that stands out as strategic, thought-provoking and innovative,” says Monotype creative director, James Fooks-Bale. “This award program will recognise the companies that use type to stand out among their peers, and create authentic, consistent and relevant brand identities.”

Monotype is getting ready to launch a new award program to recognize the best in typography design and brand identity. You don’t want to miss the details on this! #typography #typedesign 12, 2019

Monotype’s certainly hitting the ground running with this new programme. It plans to announce the first winners at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, which is only a few weeks away, and the deadline for nominations is next week, on 8 October. So if you want to nominate your agency or brand for consideration, you’d better get a move on.

For nominations, Monotype is looking for brands that can demonstrate a focus on type in building their brand messages, marketing and advertising efforts and overall customer experience. For example, it wants to see type consistency across brands, creative approaches to advertising and an emphasis on future-proofing brands through type selection.

If you want to submit a nomination, you are allowed to enter a brand that you’ve worked with, although Monotype emphasises that a relationship isn’t required. So if you’ve simply seen some stunning used of typography in a campaign this year that you think needs recognition, you’re welcome to nominate that for an award. Also, Monotype notes that it prefers nominations with supporting examples included.

To find out more about this year’s awards and its selection criteria, and to submit your own nomination, head for Monotype’s Type Champions Award page.

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