Social Rocket Review: A New WordPress Social Share Plugin

Social Rocket Review: A New WordPress Social Share Plugin


Almost every WordPress site uses social sharing buttons to help visitors share content on social media. But not all social sharing plugins are created equal, and you’ll want to pick the plugin that works best for your site from the vast array of options out there.

Social Rocket review, we’ll take a look at a new’ish WordPress social media sharing plugin that comes in both a free version at as well as a premium version with more functionality.

It shares WPLift’s space-theming, complete with an Event Horizon quote on the landing page, so we’re excited to launch into space and check this one out.

Social Rocket Review: What the Plugin Does

Social Rocket reviewSocial Warfare, or MashShare.

  • Archive sharing – you can share your archive pages themselves, rather than just individual pieces of content.
  • Ready to see it in action? Let’s check it out…

    Hands-On With the Social Rocket Plugin

    When you activate the plugin, you’ll get a new Social Rocket area in your WordPress dashboard where you can control the plugin’s settings:

    settingsSocial Rocket networksInline buttonsInline buttons desktopInline buttons on mobile in Social RocketSocial ROcket floating button settingsFloating buttonsMobile floating barthe social share plugin space – but that’s true of a ton of popular social sharing plugins. Instead, it offers an easy, clean way to implement the features that most people want in a social sharing plugin.

    So, if you’re looking for a social sharing plugin or unhappy with your existing solution, definitely give Social Rocket a look.

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