Facebook Adds ‘Click to Messenger’ CTA for Stories Ads

Facebook Adds ‘Click to Messenger’ CTA for Stories Ads


With Stories gaining momentum across Facebook’s family of apps, The Social Network is this week rolling out an expansion of its ‘Click to Message’ CTA to include Stories ads across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.


As reported by Marketing Land, the option will enable businesses to drive direct conversations from their Stories ads with a ‘Swipe up’ prompt that will take them through to a Messenger conversation, without the user having to leave the app they’re in. 

Facebook has provided the ‘Click to Messenger’ CTA for other ad types since 2016, while it added messages itself as a direct ad objective in 2017.

Facebook click to message ads

The expansion of the same to Stories seems like a logical progression, especially, as noted, given the growth of both Stories and messaging usage across Facebook’s family of apps.

Facebook Stories usage chart

Indeed, across Facebook and Instagram, Facebook now serves more than a billion daily active Stories users. What’s more, more than 3 million advertisers have already purchased Stories ads, underlining its potential. The addition of new CTA buttons and tools will provide more opportunities to tap into that rising engagement.

The option also aligns with Facebook’s ‘C-Commerce’ – or ‘conversational commerce’ – push, which underlines the rising value of messaging as a connective platform between brands and consumers. With more people looking to get a more personal brand experience via messaging, it makes sense to consider your options to link people through to your business. 

As per Marketing Land, the new Stories CTA button is now available to businesses with Messenger templates set up in their Facebook Ads accounts.




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