Heyoya Review: Real Voice Comments for WordPress

Heyoya Review: Real Voice Comments for WordPress


While there are plenty of WordPress comments plugins, they all are just a variation on the same core approach.

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Heyoya Review: A Deeper Look at the Features

You know the core features – Heyoya lets you add real voice comments to your WordPress site. But that’s not all it does – it also can help improve your comments section in other ways.

First off, it’s important to note that Heyoya isn’t just voice comments – your visitors can still leave text comments if they prefer that approach. It just gives them the extra option of using their voice.

Heyoya review exampleHeyoya in your WordPress dashboard to find the plugin’s settings.

First, you’ll need to log in to your existing Heyoya account or create a new one (which you can do right from your WordPress dashboard):

Create Heyoya accountChoose useCustomize comment boxcustomize moderationCustomize style boxAdd commentsExample of commentsHeyoya request microphone accessRecording a commentLog in to HeyoyaHeyoya review exampleComments tabHeyoya service is free.

With the free version, visitors will be able to leave voice comments up to 30 seconds, text comments, videos/rich media, etc. It’s fully functioning.

Then, you can also subscribe to the paid Amplify plan to:

  • Extend the voice recording time up to one minute.
  • Get more advanced moderation options.
  • Provide more sharing options.
  • Send custom notifications.
  • Download your comments from Heyoya’s servers to use them elsewhere.

The Amplify plan normally costs $7 per month per site when paid annually or $8 per month when paid monthly. But remember – if you sign up using the WPLift promo, you’ll pay just $3 per month per site when paid annually or $4 per month when paid monthly.

Either way, you’ll get your first month free.

Final Thoughts on Heyoya

Heyoya is the first really unique take I’ve seen on WordPress comments (or eCommerce reviews).

I can’t make any comment on whether this voice approach will be superior to text comments for your specific sites, but I do think it’s interesting and I could see it working well for websites with engaged audiences (like a personal blog).

I also could see this being effective for reviews because it makes the review feel a lot more authentic, which can help build trust.

What I can directly comment on is that Heyoya implements its features well and gives you a good amount of control via the dashboard. It was also easy to set up and started working right away without any issues.

The free plan should also work fine for most sites, which is attractive by itself.

So if you want to experiment with voice comments or reviews on your WordPress site, definitely give Heyoya a look and take advantage of our special deal:

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