Twitter Shares Major Events Calendar for October to Assist with Strategic Planning

Twitter Shares Major Events Calendar for October to Assist with Strategic Planning


We’re now into the final months of the decade, and this week, Twitter has released its latest listing of key highlights and dates to remember for October 2019 – which is also when you should be mapping out your holiday campaigns and locking in your strategy. 

Twitter’s event calendars can be a big help in guiding your content strategy – not only do Twitter’s listings highlight all the major events that you can tap into, but selected dates also include projected tweet volume numbers, providing a better idea as to how much discussion each is likely to generate. 

So what are the key events to be aware of this month?

Twitter event calendar - October 2019

The big date for the month is Halloween – with a massive 2.6 billion tweet impressions in 2018. If you’re looking for a key event to link into, Halloween is the one – though the competition for attention will be significant.

Twitter also highlights #WorldAnimalDay on October 4th, #WorldFoodDay on October 16th and #InternationalEndPovertyDay on October 17th, which are not listed on the above calendar, but are worth keeping note of. There’s also #NationalTacoDay on October 4th and #NationalPastaDay on October 17th for relevant brand tie-ins.

Whether you’re using a Twitter Poll to discover the ‘best’ type of pasta or sharing a team picture from a taco truck outing, these are great opportunities to have fun with your followers and showcase your brand’s personality.”

#Diwali is also celebrated on October 27th and #YomKippur, October 8th.

Obviously, the big dates and events for 2019 are still coming, but it’s worth noting your opportunities for this month, while also considering the pending holiday push. 




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