Snapchat’s Developing a New ‘Home’ Geofilter Option for Your Visitors to Add to Their Snaps

Snapchat’s Developing a New ‘Home’ Geofilter Option for Your Visitors to Add to Their Snaps


Snapchat is looking to provide a new option which would enable users to create simple, free Geofilters tagged to their home address, which visitors to their home would then be able to add to their Snaps.

Snapchat Home Filter option

As you can see in this example, shared by reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, the new ‘Home Filter’ option would be available in your profile settings, beneath your existing Bitmoji options. From there, you would be able to activate your Home Filter, and choose who, among your friends, is able to see it. The filter would not be available to all users, which is an option you can apply to public places through Community Filters, and it would not be available to businesses, which Snap requires that businesses to pay for

Once enabled, Snapchat would then provide you with a range of simple Home filter templates which display your Bitmoji likeness. You would then be able to add text to the design, then apply it to your Home location.

Snapchat Home filters example

As you can see in the last frame above, users would only be able to change their Home address once every 30 days, limiting the capacity for the tool to be misused.

It looks to be a simple way to expand your Snapchat engagement, with fairly limited functionality, though it could be a fun option for keen Snapchatters and their friends. Theoretically, businesses could use the same option to create the same for their store location, though as noted, Snapchat does require that businesses pay for Geofilters, so you’d the risk of facing penalties, and the designs are likely too simple to be of much value for businesses anyway.   

With most Snapchatters using the app to stay connected with close friends, it could prove beneficial, though it does seem like a fairly minor app addition. 

There’s no word on any official roll-out at this stage.




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