Twitter’s Looking to Add New Engagement Filters to Advanced Search Queries

Twitter’s Looking to Add New Engagement Filters to Advanced Search Queries


Twitter is testing out a new set of options within its Advanced Search tools which would enable users to sort their query results by a set number of replies, Likes or retweets, helping to find the most engaging tweets on any given subject.

Twitter advanced search update test

As you can see in this example, shared by reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, the new Advanced Search filters would enable you to add in a threshold for each engagement metric within your query, helping you find the most relevant, and resonant, tweets on any given subject.

As of right now, Twitter offers a range of additional search filters in Advanced Search to help sort your queries, which can be a great help in locating relevant tweets.

Twitter advanced search parameters

It is actually possible to manually filter your results by the amount of retweets (e.g. “min_retweets:100″) or replies (“min_replies:100″) already, but it requires knowledge of the exact commands to include within your query string, which you then have to input after your search term.

For example, if you enter the full search term “Social Media Today min_retweets:50 min_replies:50”, it’ll show you all the tweets that include the terms “social”, “media” and “today”, and have at least 50 retweets and 50 replies. That can be great for narrowing down your searches, but by adding the same capacity into the existing Advanced Search fields, it would make it a lot easier to locate the same, without the extra keystrokes.

Worth noting too that you can also use these engagement filters in TweetDeck, through which you can also set up a stream to keep you updated on the latest tweets that see the relevant levels of engagement. 

TweetDeck search

Given that the functionality already exists, it shouldn’t be difficult for Twitter to add such to its Advanced Search, and it could be another way to help users track down relevant tweets. 




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