Twitter’s Testing a New Option to ‘Stream’ Tweets in Real-Time

Twitter’s Testing a New Option to ‘Stream’ Tweets in Real-Time


This is an interesting turn of events. Kind of.

As shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, Twitter is testing out a new option which would enable users to ‘stream tweets’, meaning that their timeline would be updated as tweets happen. Which feels a little closer to what Twitter was before the introduction of the algorithm-defined feed, right?

Twitter stream tweets toggle

As you can see here, the new test sees the addition of a ‘Stream Tweets’ toggle, which, when activated would mean that:

“You’ll see new Tweets as they are shared when you’re at the top of the timeline”

Here’s how it looks in action:

Functionally, the option doesn’t appear to add anything new – while the other option listed in the new pop-up window is the ‘Top Tweets First’ algorithm feed, you can already opt-out of the Top Tweets feed and switch back to the latest tweets first via the existing toggle, which itself was updated with the new star icon in the top right of the feed back in December.

Twitter 'See Latest' option

But it would provide the capacity to switch to a more active, real-time update mode, which would keep your tweets flowing through, without any manual intervention. That could save your thumbs, for one, as you won’t have to keep dragging down the top tweet to refresh, while it might also help you feel like you have your finger on the digital pulse, as you watch your living tweet timeline shuffle down the screen.

In other Twitter news, its new prompts to follow certain topics are now being seen in the wild.

Twitter follow topic prompt

As shared by Twitter user @WFBrother, the new prompt is linked to Twitter’s new Topic Lists option, through which Twitter’s curation team will build Twitter lists of key accounts to follow for each subject, and curate the streams to ensure that they remain relevant to the focus topic.

The option is currently in testing with a small group of users, with prompts like these set to become a part of the broader tweet discovery process.




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