Google Ranking Factors for 2020: Facts and Myths [Infographic]

Google Ranking Factors for 2020: Facts and Myths [Infographic]


Google reportedly utilizes more than 200 ranking factors when calculating its search result listings, however no one can tell for sure what, exactly, is included within this process. Besides, as the search engine evolves, it’s always changing. What worked as a ranking factor yesterday, may be of no use today. 

Because Google has never published any official ranking factor listing, the specifics have been subject to a lot of controversy and speculation. This infographic, created by the team at SEO PowerSuite, outlines a set of ranking factors for 2020, with direct reference proofs from Google and industry research – and debunks a lot of industry myths and rumor.

The full list falls into six important categories:

  • Domain factors
  • Content factors
  • Site structure and code factors
  • Performance and security factors
  • User interactions factors
  • Links factors

Check out the infographic below for more details.




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