Microsoft betas for account hierarchies, sharing UET tags and remarketing lists across accounts now open to all

Microsoft betas for account hierarchies, sharing UET tags and remarketing lists across accounts now open to all


Manager accounts let you manage multiple accounts and share data through a single sign-on. Microsoft Advertising announced several updates for manager accounts on Monday.

Manager accounts for all. Starting today, new users will automatically have a manager account when they sign up for Microsoft Advertising, whether they plan to manage more than one account or not. No more need to set up a separate manager account. Single account and multi-account managers will have the same user experience.

“This makes your experience more seamless, while still providing complete control over when and how you start leveraging more multi-account capabilities,” said Xin Zhang, a senior program manager for Microsoft Advertising.

With this change, references to “Customer” will change to “manager account”.

Hierarchies beta open for all. Hierarchies can be used to make connections between accounts and manager accounts. This is now in open beta and available to all advertisers.

The diagram below shows an example of how hierarchies can work. Solid lines represent the “Owner” account that originally created the account. Dotted lines represent the “direct manager” account that linked to another account or manager account.

manager accounts with hierarchies. Image: Microsoft Advertising.

There are two types of direct manager relationships. Administrative enables you to manage users and other requests. Standard enables campaign management and resource sharing. A new “Direct managers” tab in the UI shows the list of account managers and their access levels.

If you’re interested in the beta, contact your account manager or fill out this form.

When you implement hierarchies, you’ll have a single view of your accounts and manager accounts in the dropdown menu within the web UI.

UET tag, remarketing list sharing open to all. The open beta for sharing UET tags and remarketing lists across accounts is also now available to all advertisers as of today. In the Shared Library, you’ll see the “Sharing” option.

multi-user access and multi-linking sign-in options. Before jumping into hierarchies, however, Microsoft has a list of several things to consider.

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